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What’s Being Served At The Ex – Cronut Burger, Nutella Fries, Bacon Lasagna.

The Ex is a great excuse to get out and eat food you know you shouldn’t but since it’s only available at the Ex, you simply can’t stop yourself. Bags of Tiny Tom’s donuts. Ice cream sandwiches. Pizza on a stick. So why not step up to the challenge of the Cronut Burger or the Spice Cream Cone? I’ve reviewed all the featured food being served at the 2013 CNE – from the Cronut Burger to Nutella Fries, Panini Gelato to the All-Bacon Canuck Burger. Read it and then make your decisions on what your going to snack on at this year’s Ex.

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Yes it’s true, I’m going to be CBC 1 discussing Street Meat with Jian Ghomeshi on Sounds Like Canada Friday. I’m hoping the conversation will expand beyond just Street Meats since the hotdog cart is the strongest representative in Toronto’s Street Meats category. However there are plenty of other Street Treats to be had –…

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