What I’ve Eaten

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Who Unboxed My Cupcakes?

When I went in to the kitchen this morning to make my coffee, this is what I found on the box of cupcakes from Life is Sweet! These cupcakes were delivered to my home by a lovely friend (aren’t all baked-goods-delivering friends “lovely”?).  She went into Life is Sweet and requested their best selection of…

Longo's Taste Ontario

Longo’s: A night of Taste Ontario Taste the World

When I was invited by Longo’s to be a Taste Ontario Ambassador in August I started working on Taste Ontario, Taste the World.  I wanted to showcase Ontario ingredients from a World Cuisine perspective by hosting a cooking demo/dinner for some of Toronto’s foodies, bloggers, influencers and twitterati. A perfect fit for the range and…

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Sugar Hangover

I’m not particularly big on sweets, but I found it impossiblee not to try almost everything at Sunday’s Foodie Meet Bake Off.  Thank goodness for sharing! All the entries were inspired, tasty and beautiful.  I was seated between 2 winning entries which SOLD out early. Yasmin’s Sri-maican patties which won an Honourable Mention, and was…

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