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Dinner in the Sky - Summerlicious 2008

Dinner in the Sky – Summerlicious 2008 Launch

[From on July 3, 2008, originally published on CheapEats Toronto ] I just returned from what is probably the most invigorating breakfast I have ever had, all to launch Amex’s Summerlicious (July 4-20). But more on that later… right now I’m still buzzing from eating yoghurt & granola 50metres above Yonge-Dundas Square. As part of…

Welcome to Rosewater

What a wonderful birthday I had! Surprise notes hidden in my laptop to keep my day exciting. When opened, they included:  an invitation to breakfast a spur of the moment "practical gift of my choice" a message of love, support and encouragement and the first clue in a lengthy scavenger hunt for my b’day present…

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