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Active Park Assist – #LexGoFurt...

Active Park Assist – #LexGoFurther – A Ford Escape
I admit it, Active Park Assist was the one feature of the Ford Escape that made me nervous. You give over control of the car to a computer which is using sensors to determine distance, angle and rotation.  Then letting it make all the decisions to delicately placing your vehicle between 2 other people’s vehicle. Now I’m not saying [...]

Fun With GPS in Quebec – #LexGo...

Fun With GPS in Quebec – #LexGoFurther – A Ford Escape
I loved having the GPS as my navigator on this trip. Not only was it another voice in the car, it suits my adventuring approach to travel.  I could set my destinations without reviewing the route in detail, leaving the route and sights along the way as a bit of a surprise without risking not getting where I was going. In fact, there was one [...]

The Red Ford Mustang That Started It ...

The Red Ford Mustang That Started It All – #LexGoFurther – A Ford Escape
There were a lot of road trips and a lot of driving in my youth. I remember fondly the yellow Volkswagen Beetles, the blue Datsun, the burgundy Peugeot, but the car that stands out the most is the red Ford Mustang. My grandmother’s car.  My grandmother was a sporty, speed freak and she really wanted a red Ford mustang. So she got a red [...]

Snowmagedon and the Ford Blue Party 2...

Snowmagedon and the Ford Blue Party 2013
On Friday in the midst of the biggest blizzard of the year, so far, we bundled up and headed out to attend the Ford Blue Party, affectionately hashtagged #FordBlueTO, a big party hosted by Ford Canada in preparation for the upcoming Canadian Auto Show. A great group of people braved the weather to make it out and while the place wasn’t packe [...]

my ride for the week, Food Escape

my ride for the week, Food Escape
My Ride For The Week, Ford Escape. Ginger Ale coloured! Cc @fordCanada

Intracity Transpo aka Getting Around ...

Intracity Transpo aka Getting Around Toronto
When reviewing my week last week I realized that I had used almost every single one of my go-to transpo solutions for getting from here to there in Toronto.  Not such a big accomplishment if you own a car (which I don’t), or never leave home (which I do), and last week was very busy. Seemed like the perfect time to do a round up!  (and why n [...]

Autoshare is Our Friend

Autoshare is Our Friend
I just got the Autoshare newsletter in my inbox, and found the following: “An honourable mention also goes to this happy AutoShare member for their photo. “ with a link to this photo of Gerry. After having spent all Friday driving around in an Autoshare car, it was pretty cool to get a shout out. Our Autoshare membership has made [...]

A Week of Daily Dramas

A Week of Daily Dramas
Also known as trying to catching you up on what I was up to the week around the launch. (You can also read the twitter version here) Sunday’s Drama – Honk, Honk, I’m Driving a Big-Assed Vehicle! We booked a mid-sized car at a great rate of $161 for a whole week, but somehow ended up with a big-assed vehicle (or “cro [...]

Roadmaster Away.

Roadmaster Away.
The trip started with a little Ger-retrieval at 5pm in the centre of the Financial District.Seen above is Japor’s Roadmaster(tm) – our ride to NB.  It’s a huge car with plenty of packing space. We used it ALL up.  Jamming a couple of coolers, luggage, island gear, books and a big-ass generator into every available square in [...]

Day 6 – On The Road Again

Day 6 – On The Road Again
We hit the road around 9am after a quick Tim Horton’s breakfast stop on Hawthorne road. Hi Gerry On to Montreal and we missed most of the rush hour traffic, though it was still pretty active at 10:30am. Cool meander through Montreal. Stopping for a brief stint in Westmount. Back to the highway under old stone arches and on old asphalt [...]


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