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Then This Happened–HoHoTO 2013

As you may remember from a recent post to this very blog, HoHoTO announced it’s retirement. Well, what you may not have seen was the flurry of activity that occurred immediately after that post went live.  The creation of a #SaveHoHoTO hashtag. The crazy number of private and public messages of distress. And the graceful…


HoHoTO Says Goodbye

[UPDATE – as of October 09, 2013 a new group of organisers have risen up to #SaveHoHoTO – or as I like to call it  HoHoTO: TNG – Dec 19,2013] 5 years ago 13 people connected on twitter and inspired a community to come together in 13 days and raise over $10,000 for the Daily…

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HoHoTO – Our 5th Year

As many of you know, I am one of the founders of HoHoTO – “the party that twitter built”. It’s for geeks, phreaks, webheads, twitterfiends, techies, media, marketing, and PR types and all their friends. And everyone else! DJ’s, interactive media, and loads of holiday cheer, all for a great cause!
So far we’ve raised $225,000. What can we do in year 5? Help make the world suck a little less.

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