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Leading The DigiTalks at the Digital ...

Leading The DigiTalks at the Digital Restaurant Project
On Friday March 14th,, I will be spending the day at the Digital Restaurant Project leading the DigiTalks discussing  the effects of online engagement for restaurants including reputation management, reservations,  and PR. Hosted by the Ted Rogers Institute for Tourism and Hospitality Research, this is the inaugural Digital Restaurant Projec [...]

Today’s View

Today’s View
It is snowy and blowy here. The walk to the outhouse this morning required snowshoes. I didn’t wear snowshoes. But it did require them. #mycurrentview

Second Harvest Appoints Alexa Clark a...

Second Harvest Appoints Alexa Clark and Cheri Dueck Co-Chairs of Toronto Taste 2014
The big news I’ve been teasing you with is finally public – I have been appointed Co-Chair of Toronto Taste 2014! Second Harvest has appointed Alexa Clark and Cheri Dueck Co-Chairs of Toronto Taste 2014. Now in it’s twenty-fourth year, Toronto Taste, presented by The Daniels Corporation, is the city’s premier culinary event and single largest [...]

Snowed in, in Florida (sort of)

Snowed in, in Florida (sort of)
It’s cold, snowy and nasty in Toronto. The Polar Vortex has taken hold and made lives miserable, and created the Canada everyone thinks we live in all year round. Or so I hear. I’m sitting in Florida on a couch surrounded by dogs, sniffling and whining about still being sick. One of the two of our crew who’ve actually made [...]

The last 9 hours of #56hrsofXmasCooki...

The last 9 hours of #56hrsofXmasCooking
My family is nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of roast beast dance through my head. It’s bunny in the tree, and me with my cup, planning it out, on what we will sup.

Decorating the Xmas Tree

Decorating the Xmas Tree
Starting our Xmas tree decoration. Thinking I may also be done our Xmas tree decoration. Not sure if this is minimalist, but is certainly deconstructed.

Happy Solstice! Ready to Bang Our Dr...

Happy Solstice!  Ready to Bang Our Drums.
It’s the darkest day of the year, and there are threats of ice storms, but that won’t stop us from walking around in the dark banging our drums and shaking our noisemakers. Yes, I am forcing my little family back out into to the cold to march around Allan Gardens holding candles, making noise, and collecting holiday stares to chas [...]

Life Hack – - digital strategy specializing in content, community and social
It’s time for a life hack and while for most people that means walking out of an office, to me it probably means walking back into one. I have spent the last 15 years running my own businesses, creating products, leading teams, building online communities, mentoring, writing, editing and publishing books, and consulting. On the side I raised [...]

CUTCO Carver – 9-inch Carving K...

[ sponsored post] One of the knives I was interested in trying as part of the work I’m doing with Cooking with CUTCO was one of the CUTCO Carvers. Carving knives, especially at Christmas, have a special place in my heart. We used to go to my grandparent’s house for Xmas and my grandmother would present a perfectly roasted turkey [...]

A Glimpse Into Today

A Glimpse Into Today
The only #tbt I have access to today, so it’s what you get. But I think it’s appropriate. I was scheming something then, I’m scheming something now. #unsweetenedca

Tonight I’m at One of A Kind Se...

Tonight I’m at One of A Kind Selling Thorpe Toys Booth I30
Sure other people might spend their Thursday night Tapping That or watching this, but I’m going to get my thrills by selling wooden toys at the One of a Kind Craft Show tonight. Selling Thorpe Toys! I love Thursday late night at One of a Kind, but selling until 11pm and the long drive back to Waterloo makes it a long day for the in-law [...]

Bauli Pandoro e Panettone

Bauli Pandoro e Panettone
What a treat to open the door to find these Bauli treats after a long and somewhat trying weekend. Thanks Bauli Canada, I know what’s for coffee break today. I’ve always looked at Bauli Panettone and Pandoro as magical boxes that show up at the stores before Xmas, since they aren’t really part of my Canadian/anglo/scots/aca [...]

We Sliced, We Diced, We Sharpened Our...

We Sliced, We Diced, We Sharpened Our Knife Skills with CUTCO
All sell aside, knife skills really do make the difference in the kitchen so it was great to see how quickly Sharpen Your Knife Skills with CUTCO sold out. In fact it sold out so quickly, we’re looking at options for future events, including one for vegetarians where we skip the butchery piece. (But more on that later.) Setup The eveni [...]

The Red Poppy for Remembrance Day

The Red Poppy for Remembrance Day
Last week I found myself explaining what the red poppies people were wearing on their chests meant. The poppies of Remembrance Day are such a part of life here in Canada that I was a little taken aback.  It took a moment for me to remember that I was speaking to someone from the US. The red poppies we pin over our hearts  in early November h [...]

Halloween Travel Bunny

Halloween Travel Bunny
Inspired by the folks at Idee and the Lovebots, Travel Bunny dressed up for Halloween this year. Can you guess what he dressed up as?

Hair, cut. All of Them.

Hair, cut. All of Them.
It was time, possibly  well past time, to get my hair cut. I had been growing since early February! I really should have gotten out cut before my speaking engagement last week, but at least it’s done for The Royal Winter Fair, Taste Canada Cooks the Books, the Taste Canada Gala, and next Wednesday’s when I’m hosting Sharpen [...]


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