Daily Update

cooked Wings in the philips airfryer

Philips AirFryer

Airfryer – sounds almost magical doesn’t it?  Well it sure did to me, so when I was asked to be a part of their Philips Airfryer Bloggers Challenge, I was delighted. “No mess or odor” – okay this device was built for me. I dislike both mess and nasty odors (in fairness, I do like…

Florida Sick Selfie

Snowed in, in Florida (sort of)

It’s cold, snowy and nasty in Toronto. The Polar Vortex has taken hold and made lives miserable, and created the Canada everyone thinks we live in all year round. Or so I hear. I’m sitting in Florida on a couch surrounded by dogs, sniffling and whining about still being sick. One of the two of…

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