Definitely Not My Day

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A Little Brain Surgery

A good part of last week was spent attempting to fix my laptop. Much thanks to Marc and Paul who both offered direction and advice. Careful analysis built to detailed diagnosis. Detailed diagnosis to iterative investigation.  Iterative investigation lead to extensive exploration which moved to heavy handed hacking. Then with frustrated finality, we just ripped the sucker apart. That lead fairly…

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What’s Up

Or more accurately, what’s not up. My laptop is misbehaving.  It won’t boot.  Luckily we’ve been able to remove the hard drive and successfully do a full backup of all my current files (including the CheapEats Ottawa database -phew!) However, the bl***ping thing still won’t successfully complete the boot process.  In response to my question of “what to…


Waking up with a blinding headache this morning… pissed me off. The loud noise the fax machine made when I turned it on to fax my accountant early this morning… pissed me off. The first and second message from my accountant looking for documents that should already be in the 2003 files but now I’ll…

Here’s What I Want

I want: a spam filter that will pre-screen all the annoying a#k!*U&@*^@*~@#)*s who are filling up my CheapEats databases with restaurant recommendations for places named “Free Ring Tones”, “Viagra” and “kdfjkdjfkdeoerpdl” a query to help me clean up the 3,000+ restaurant recommendations that are probably all spam, but might actually be real just badly spelled…

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