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Care Package From The Inlaws

Care Package From The Inlaws
Wow, my inlaws came to town and while I was feeling too crappy to see them, and certainly too crappy to go to lunch… They brought me a wonderful little care package with goodies to make me feel better. So sweet & so kind!  I’m a lucky sickie!

Random box of President’s Choic...

Random box of President’s Choice Goodies
There was a knock on the door to my new office, new enough that I don’t get mail here yet and I just had my first drop in visitor an hour early.  I opened the door there was Wayne holding a big box. It must be for me. It has a big label with my name, my website and my new address on it. Inside the box: a random collection of President& [...]

Care Package

Care Package
I am a lucky lucky woman. Not only do I have a wide and diverse group of friends who all seem happy to hear from me when I contact them after years of nothing but being CCed on group emails filled with whining and kvetching… Not only do I have friends who open their homes to me, offer me rides to my meetings, enthuse at their friends ab [...]


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