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Then The Eat Street Cookbook Arrived

Then The Eat Street Cookbook Arrived
Gerry just came into the office with a big padded manila envelop (I was going to say package, but I know some of you would read that wrong.) Inside was my last prize – the new Eat Street Cookbook. It’s filled with great recipes and beautiful photos. Even the trucks I visit the most – El Gastronomo Vagabundo and Caplansky [...]

Winner in 86’d Food Photography...

Winner in 86’d Food Photography Awards
As part of her 86’d events Monday nights at the Drake, Ivy Knight ran the 86’d Food Photography Awards Night last night and one of my submission won the Phone Category! This photo which I call “Zane, Zane and Mark” which I took one day when Thundering Thelma was parked near Queen & Church and Mark Cutrara was serving a meatball sandwich a [...]

Dinner Designed For Me

Dinner Designed For Me
It’s hard to go wrong with a menu that’s designed for you. I recently sat down with Chef Matt Kantor to design a dinner for 4 that I won in the contest. I was really excited – a meal designed for ME… er, and my guests – Gerry, Rockr & Junkii. I know their tastes fairly well.  Gerry and I have been together for 20 years an [...]

Sweet Shufflin’

Sweet Shufflin’
I just won an iPod Shuffle.  Then I tried to convince them I hadn’t won.  Really.  I did. Here’s the deal.  Lately, Typepad has been announcing a new widget partner every couple of days.  One of the widget partners is Tumri CornerStore, that “makes it easy for your readers to shop for relevant product offers without leaving [...]


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