Toronto Marathon Runners

How to cross the city during the marathon

The usual way: Plan something important and time sensitive that requires you to cross university avenue  before or just as the ttc starts opens running Sunday morning Forget about the marathon Forget about TTC restrictions on Sunday morning Get on your regular route before having a coffee Look dazed when the streetcar driver tells you…

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Canon Support Is Pissing Me OFF!

Testing My New Palm Pre — Originally uploaded by LexnGer See that Canon camera in the photo? It went in for it's 4th servicing over 50 days ago. (Actually its 5th servicing but there was a mix up and I lost some of the paperwork, but that's another story.) This story is about the camera…

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Not Again!

Sure it looks like a photo of pasta in a shopping bag, but what is that stripe down the middle? It's the reason I am taking the camera BACK in for servicing. 4th time in 11 months. It has already been in for servicing for 4.5 months out of the 11 months I've owned it….

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What I Hate About Christmas

You know I'm a fan of the season. You've seen my myriad of posts about my father being Santa. You've chuckled under your breath as I march down the middle of Kensington Ave covered in ribbons and beating my drum for Festival of Lights. Even if I'm doing it alone in a windstorm. You’ve read…

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