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Bauli Pandoro e Panettone

Bauli Pandoro e Panettone
What a treat to open the door to find these Bauli treats after a long and somewhat trying weekend. Thanks Bauli Canada, I know what’s for coffee break today. I’ve always looked at Bauli Panettone and Pandoro as magical boxes that show up at the stores before Xmas, since they aren’t really part of my Canadian/anglo/scots/aca [...]

Instagramming My Week

Instagramming My Week
I have recently started using Instagram more.  After balking the trend and lamenting loudly, and frequently, about Instagram’s lack of collaborative, community-building and searching tools, I finally caved.   I blame the Food Bloggers of Canada conference. Well, that and Instagram’s slick and quick interface which makes it so easy [...]

Food Bloggers Conference Swag from No...

Food Bloggers Conference Swag from Nordic Ware!
This just in from from @Nordicware #FBC2013 Swag! Seriously, everyone going to the first ever Food Bloggers of Canada Conference were sent these from Nordic Ware, along with a challenge to use them, blog about it and get entered for a random draw for an even bigger set. Wow! And yes, I’m attendin [...]

Someone Sent Me Band-Aids

Someone Sent Me Band-Aids
Some one sent me band-aids. Blister Cushion band-aids. No idea why or from whom… Perhaps a new pair of shoes will arrive soon too. I’ve used these before and I love them! I just don’t know why I got them.

A Day Filled With Packages, Boxes and...

A Day Filled With Packages, Boxes and Bags!
Yesterday started off pretty crappy for me.  I was in a bit of a mood, feeling rather Grinchy in fact, when I came into the office I found a stack of packages waiting for me! I knew it couldn’t be HoHoTO Raffle prizes already…. (more on that here!) So what could be inside these unexpected deliveries?!? I clapped my hands with enthusiasm and [...]

Bombay Sapphire

Bombay Sapphire
When we picked up the mail yesterday there was a delightful surprise from a woman I met at the DMA conference recently. A beautiful bottle of Bombay Sapphire. Bombay Sapphire is currently my favourite gin and since gin is my favourite liquor, this a is a great surprise to receive!  Now to figure out what to make first.
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