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Leading The DigiTalks at the Digital Restaurant Project

On Friday March 14th,, I will be spending the day at the Digital Restaurant Project leading the DigiTalks discussing  the effects of online engagement for restaurants including reputation management, reservations,  and PR. Hosted by the Ted Rogers Institute for Tourism and Hospitality Research, this is the inaugural Digital Restaurant Project. The Project will explore the… - digital strategy specializing in content, community and social

Life Hack –

It’s time for a life hack and while for most people that means walking out of an office, to me it probably means walking back into one. I have spent the last 15 years running my own businesses, creating products, leading teams, building online communities, mentoring, writing, editing and publishing books, and consulting. On the…


Gamification of Our Careers – Do You Play The Game? LinkedIn Endorsements.

I’ve been thinking about these one-click LinkedIn endorsements lately.  And while it’s lovely to see your names pop-up when you click to endorse me on a match that LinkedIn has suggested in it’s gamification of our careers, I really wonder how many of you use those in hiring decisions. I’ve really been noodling this new…

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Cream Soda Smile

Cream Soda Smile — Originally uploaded by LexnGer The other day Saul Colt invited a bunch of folks over to the ZooCasa offices. Before Saul’s presentataion on how How Building Communities Is Like Dating A Pretty Girl The presentation was amusing and Saul had some excellent points about community building and the metaphor fit, though…

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