Posts in category On Why Aren’t You On... Why Aren’t You On The Roster?
Recently, after reading a whack of blog posts about why conference speakers are so heavily weighted towards white male speakers, I decided it was time to simply ask the women I think should be speaking at the conferences I attend. I’d love your input too: read more and respond over on

Vote, vote, vote in the Canadian Blog...

Vote, vote, vote in the Canadian Blog Awards
The Canadian Blog Awards are underway and we’ve been nominated!  In a bunch of categories, in a bunch of ways. But, it’s only Round One and you can only vote once per category.  So we need your support to make the Final Round. MiniBookExpo has been nominated in the  Cultural/Entertainment category CheapEats Toronto has been nominated in bot [...]

Interview Round-Up – Digital Ma...

Interview Round-Up – Digital Marketing Conference
Here is a quick round up of the interviews I did for OneDegree at the CMA’s Digital Marketing Conference. Overall Theme: DMC: Nintendo Banning Success? Video Interviews: Adam Oliveira from Quizative Inc. on the Future of Marketing Nick Iannitti From Fuel Industries on the Attention Economy Ron Bertram from Nintendo of Canada on Digital Market [...]

Conference #1 – SOHO

Conference #1 – SOHO
Alexa Clark recently attended the SOHO/SME Conference in Toronto. She recaps the highlights from speakers such as Yahoo!’s Maor Daniel (presentation slides included) and Flirty Girl Fitness’s Kerry Knee as well as the latest in gadgets from Mike Agerbo of GetConnected TV. October seems to be Conference Month for me. The first on e on the circ [...]

Lex The Roving Reporter – OneDe...

Lex The Roving Reporter –
Straight from the Source – Do’s and Do Not Do’s of Blogger Relations By Alexa Clark ( [Photo by Mondo Lulu] More and more brands, marketing firms and PR agencies are turning to niche bloggers to get the word out about their new product or service. But are they doing a good job? What do bloggers really want? Alex [...]

Indigo Goes Community, Lex Was There

Indigo Goes Community, Lex Was There
I’m delighted to announce that I’ve been invited to write for One Degree.  I’ve been reading One Degree  since Tara Hunt got me hooked.  When Kate Trgovac invited me to write for them, I jumped at the chance. The contributor list reads like a who’s who of Canadian internet marketing. If you are at all interested in wha [...]


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