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Cream Soda Smile

Cream Soda Smile — Originally uploaded by LexnGer The other day Saul Colt invited a bunch of folks over to the ZooCasa offices. Before Saul’s presentataion on how How Building Communities Is Like Dating A Pretty Girl The presentation was amusing and Saul had some excellent points about community building and the metaphor fit, though…

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Non Means Non

Today I got the following Google alert telling me one of my photos had been used and accredited to me. Google Web Alert for: lexnger The new patios of summer ’09: Fresh grazing grounds for outdoorsy … May 11, 2009 … The new leisure class: Queen Street will benefit from some of the city’s new…

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Infinite Twitter Loop (of boring updates)

[Blog] title?: Testing changing the preamble [Blog] Tweets for Today: Sorry if this isn’t all th.. @stuartma Does it help getting them to pay *you* for every minute they stay up late? Baby sitting fees? [Blog] Sun’s Kitchen Hand-Made/Hand-Cut Noodles [Flickr]: LexnGer posted a photo:See this .. [Blog] Sun’s Kitchen Bowl of Noodles…

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