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Today Marks 5,000 Twitter Followers.

Today Marks 5,000 Twitter Followers.
I was checking the new interface for twitter profiles today and found some Interesting round numbers. As of this screenshot I had 5K followers and was following 3600 twitter handles. Maybe not huge numbers but definitely not small. Of course I believe very strongly that in Social Media (especially in a personal sense) it’s all about [...]

Halloween Throwback Thursday – ...

Halloween Throwback Thursday – Lex Dressed UP
Time for Throwback Thursday again. For those of you who don’t know Throwback Thursday is an Instagram meme inviting people to share photos of themselves from another time (at least 5 years ago.)  You can check out what people share using the hashtags #TBT or #ThrowbackThursday.  It’s a fun way to share some history and giggle at t [...]

In the meantime, sheep!

In the meantime, sheep!
So much to say, so much to share, but in the meantime, check out this video of Sheep!

Making The World Suck A Little Less W...

Making The World Suck A Little Less With #HoHoTO
Have I told you about the little thing I do called HoHoTO? Some people call it “the party twitter built”. Some people call it “a kick-ass party” Some people call it “Me and 600+ of my closest friends” Some people call it “a remarkable examples of a hyper-connected social media movement using the power of self-organizing online groups to make [...]

The Mark & Marcuses of Content M...

The Mark & Marcuses of Content Marketing #mm11
The Mark & Marcus' of Content Marketing #mm11 — Originally uploaded by LexnGer I'm spending the day at Mesh Marketing and am delighted by the focus on content marketing. Getting really passionate info from Marcus Wilson of Idea Paint and Marcus Sheridan of the Sales Lion, moderated by Mark Evans. Loving the direct ti [...]

Be A Taster in #TorontoTaste’s ...

Be A Taster in #TorontoTaste’s #ImATaster Contest
Can you fearlessly balance a glass of chardonnay, a porcini tart and a mini strawberry dacquoise in one hand while entering rapt reviews of less than 140 characters with the other?  Do you have adventurous tastebuds, Twitter acumen, fast thumbs and a yearning to report live from Toronto’s most coveted culinary event of the year, Toronto [...]

Longos Goodies Give Away Winner

Longos Goodies Give Away Winner
[Testing out a new tool called Storify which lets you construct stories from a variety of sources and then embedded them into your blog. I’d love to hear what you think and/or if it worked for you.]

Cream Soda Smile

Cream Soda Smile
Cream Soda Smile — Originally uploaded by LexnGer The other day Saul Colt invited a bunch of folks over to the ZooCasa offices. Before Saul’s presentataion on how How Building Communities Is Like Dating A Pretty Girl The presentation was amusing and Saul had some excellent points about community building and the metaphor fit, t [...]

Copyright? What is This Thing Called ...

Copyright? What is This Thing Called Copyright?
So the copyright discussion seems to continue with this new chapter from my friend Al, (aka @brundle_fly) who tweeted a link to this email, which I am reproducing with his explicit permission. He showed a lot more restraint in his subtle “UMMM No.” intro to this than I would ever be able to muster. Correction this was found by Al, not an issu [...]

Commercial or Journalistic? You Tell ...

Commercial or Journalistic? You Tell Me
In the final episode of the Toronto Life Creative Commons drama, we have identified the issue to be a difference of opinion about what constitutes “Commercial Use”. After I sent in my letter to Toronto Life, I got a quick, respectful and reasoned response from Matthew Fox, Editor of We have resolved the usage issue by Toront [...]

Non Means Non

Non Means Non
Today I got the following Google alert telling me one of my photos had been used and accredited to me. Google Web Alert for: lexnger The new patios of summer ’09: Fresh grazing grounds for outdoorsy … May 11, 2009 … The new leisure class: Queen Street will benefit from some of the city’s new patios (Photo by Lex [...]

Xmas Traditions Meme

Xmas Traditions Meme
My mom arrives today and I’m feeling all Xmasy so I thought I’d inflict this Xmas meme on you.  You can blame it on DaniGirl As with all memes that come through my hands, I have taken liberties with the questions being asked, because, well… it’s my bl**ping blog and I can if I want to. There are so many ways to celebrate the season, and once [...]


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June is Nuts Round Up Part #1

June is Nuts Round Up Part #1
This is the second year in a row where our June, especially early June, is jam-packed full of personal, professional, and fun events. And this year, after a cool spring,  our overloaded schedule is perfectly timed with the Extreme Weather Warnings too. The excitement started just after I picked up the rental car.  Before we hit the [...]

That’s Quite Enough!

That’s Quite Enough!
I’m finally done testing this twitter->blog post tool. Thanks again for your patience and for putting up with a mass of tweets instead of real posts… which our recent couch surfers gave me a lot of grief about. If you have a second, I’d love to hear your thoughts on Twitter and these twitter-posts. Wow, Lex, I love to h [...]

Infinite Twitter Loop (of boring upda...

Infinite Twitter Loop (of boring updates)
[Blog] title?: Testing changing the preamble [Blog] Tweets for Today: Sorry if this isn’t all th.. @stuartma Does it help getting them to pay *you* for every minute they stay up late? Baby sitting fees? [Blog] Sun’s Kitchen Hand-Made/Hand-Cut Noodles [Flickr]: LexnGer posted a photo:See this .. [...]
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