CUTCO Carver – 9-inch Carving K...

[ sponsored post] One of the knives I was interested in trying as part of the work I’m doing with Cooking with CUTCO was one of the CUTCO Carvers. Carving knives, especially at Christmas, have a special place in my heart. We used to go to my grandparent’s house for Xmas and my grandmother would present a perfectly roasted turkey [...]

HoHoTO on Thursday!

HoHoTO 2013
HoHoTO in 2 days on Dec 19th!?!? Really?  HoHoTO is always one of the best parties in town, and this year will be no exception but it has come on so fast. I guess it’s because because I’m not right in the thick of it.   I’ve been pretty quiet about HoHoTO this year, at least quiet compared to years past. As you may know, the original band of [...]

Going to Disney World – Need Yo...

Going to Disney World – Need Your Tips #LexGoFurther
After 48 years, we’re  going to Disney.  Walt Disney World in Florida to be exact. We’ve spent a couple of weeks doing our research, going through the site, talking to friends, talking to each other.  I’ve created a Pinterest board, and I’ve reviewed the Disney Food Blog – It’s overwhelmi [...]

Tonight’s Reading and Entertain...

Tonight’s Reading and Entertainment
Tonight’s entertainment! New and old favourites to scour for the many meals of the season. Recognize any favourites? #unsweetenedca

Sneak Peek at the Globe and Mail̵...

Sneak Peek at the Globe and Mail’s Best New Restaurants in Toronto 2013
I’ve gotten a sneak peak at Chris Nuttall-Smith’s list of Best New Restaurants in Toronto for 2013 which will be published in the in the Globe and Mail tomorrow.  (And permission to share it with you.) Best New Restaurants In Toronto 2013 Bar Isabel - @BarIsabel797‎ & @grantvangameren - 797 College Street (at Shaw Street) Pa [...]

A Glimpse Into Today

A Glimpse Into Today
The only #tbt I have access to today, so it’s what you get. But I think it’s appropriate. I was scheming something then, I’m scheming something now. #unsweetenedca

CUTCO Super Shears

CUTCO Super Shears sponsored post As part of the work I’m doing with Cooking with CUTCO, they sent me a couple of their products to try out, and I was overjoyed when I saw the box contained CUTCO Super Shears. Almost everyone I’ve spoken to about working with CUTCO raves about these kitchen shears. I even got into a deep discussion a [...]

Tonight I’m at One of A Kind Se...

Tonight I’m at One of A Kind Selling Thorpe Toys Booth I30
Sure other people might spend their Thursday night Tapping That or watching this, but I’m going to get my thrills by selling wooden toys at the One of a Kind Craft Show tonight. Selling Thorpe Toys! I love Thursday late night at One of a Kind, but selling until 11pm and the long drive back to Waterloo makes it a long day for the in-law [...]

Chef Chris McDonald’s Anticuchos

Chef Chris McDonald’s Anticuchos
Anticuchos are a Peruvian street food, grilled hot and fast, served with boiled potatoes, salad and corn,  and made from beef heart. Now before you get all squeamish, beef heart is a dark and richly flavourful cut of beef and it tastes like beef not offal.  It is all lean muscle, which is good because all the heart does all day is work, so o [...]

A Thanksgiving Throwback Thursday ...

A Thanksgiving Throwback Thursday – Thanksgiving Dinner on a Plane
In honour of our friends in the US, a little Thanksgiving #TBT – Thanksgiving Dinner on a Plane. This is from 2009 when we we traveling on Thanksgiving so our dear friends packed us a feast from their groaning board before we caught a cab to the airport. Tips For Thanksgiving Dinner on Plane get your food portioned into multiple conta [...]

Fresh Snow on the Road.

Fresh Snow on the Road.
One of the best things about traveling in Canada by train or bus immediately after a snow storm is that it’s so pretty. In fairness, it’s always pretty but the dusting of or piling of, fresh clean white snow makes everything look like it has been painstakingly crafted for a holiday special. But it’s not that commercial, it& [...]

A Glimpse Into Today – Dim Sum ...

A Glimpse Into Today – Dim Sum Kingston
“Don’t bother us, we’re having our tea”, says my mother as she and Travel Bunny enjoy a visit over lunch. Today we lunched at a new spot Dim Sum Kingston. Mom had the menu waiting by my chair to review when I arrived as one of the options for our dining adventures this visit. We were pleasantly surprised by the food, [...]

Travel Bunny at The Hoagie House in K...

Travel Bunny at The Hoagie House in Kingston
Travel Bunny says: if you go to Kingston you have to go to the Hoagie House for a Cheesesteak Hoagie. Not gluten-free, not dairy-free, not meat-free. But damn tasty!

A Glimpse Into Today

A Glimpse Into Today
And @TravelBunnyis25 says “an apple a day means the Doctor will play!” #savetheday @bbcdoctorwho #thedayofthedoctor #TravelBunny #unsweetenedca

Chef Chris McDonald in Chefs #LoveCND...

Chef Chris McDonald in Chefs #LoveCNDBeef
I’m delighted to announce that Chef Chris McDonald is our next chef in the Chefs #LoveCDNbeef series. Chris has been challenging Toronto’s expectations of food for years and I’m excited to share the how he taken to the Chefs #LoveCDNBeef challenge (but more on that soon.) Now it’s time to get to know Chef Chris McDonald. Ch [...]

School Girls Back in The Day – ...

School Girls Back in The Day – #TBT Throwback Thursday
A little throw back to the days when glasses were huge, hair had wings, and girl’s stuck school photos of their friends in photo albums. Circa 1980.  


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