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Guess Who’s on Top Chef Canada?

Chef Jesse Vergen on Top Chef Canada
Chef Jesse Vergen, that’s who! You may remember Jesse from his profile as part of the Chefs #LoveCDNBeef series, his Beef Tongue Taco recipe which is a favourite on Pinterest as well, or from the number of times I’ve mentioned this meal when talking about going to Saint John. I’m a huge fan of Jesse’s for a bunch of reasons, not the least of [...]

Found a Friend in Mandel Public Libra...

Found a Friend in Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach
On our last night in Florida, we spent some time on Clematis Street in West Palm Beach. Turns out they have a concert every Thursday nights – Clematis by Night – and the street is filled with restaurants, bars and other places to hang out and have a great time. But they also have a library!   The Mandel Public Library.  2 very int [...]

My Best Birthday Treat Ever

My Best Birthday Treat Ever
Happy birthday to me, look what I found!

It’s Cold, Go To Florida –...

It’s Cold, Go To Florida – #LexGoFurther #FloridaOrBust
And the border crossing wait begins… Luckily I have Gerry & Travel Bunny to keep me company

Life Hack – - digital strategy specializing in content, community and social
It’s time for a life hack and while for most people that means walking out of an office, to me it probably means walking back into one. I have spent the last 15 years running my own businesses, creating products, leading teams, building online communities, mentoring, writing, editing and publishing books, and consulting. On the side I raised [...]

HoHoTO on Thursday!

HoHoTO 2013
HoHoTO in 2 days on Dec 19th!?!? Really?  HoHoTO is always one of the best parties in town, and this year will be no exception but it has come on so fast. I guess it’s because because I’m not right in the thick of it.   I’ve been pretty quiet about HoHoTO this year, at least quiet compared to years past. As you may know, the original band of [...]

Tonight I’m at One of A Kind Se...

Tonight I’m at One of A Kind Selling Thorpe Toys Booth I30
Sure other people might spend their Thursday night Tapping That or watching this, but I’m going to get my thrills by selling wooden toys at the One of a Kind Craft Show tonight. Selling Thorpe Toys! I love Thursday late night at One of a Kind, but selling until 11pm and the long drive back to Waterloo makes it a long day for the in-law [...]

A Glimpse Into Today – Dim Sum ...

A Glimpse Into Today – Dim Sum Kingston
“Don’t bother us, we’re having our tea”, says my mother as she and Travel Bunny enjoy a visit over lunch. Today we lunched at a new spot Dim Sum Kingston. Mom had the menu waiting by my chair to review when I arrived as one of the options for our dining adventures this visit. We were pleasantly surprised by the food, [...]

Chef Chris McDonald in Chefs #LoveCND...

Chef Chris McDonald in Chefs #LoveCNDBeef
I’m delighted to announce that Chef Chris McDonald is our next chef in the Chefs #LoveCDNbeef series. Chris has been challenging Toronto’s expectations of food for years and I’m excited to share the how he taken to the Chefs #LoveCDNBeef challenge (but more on that soon.) Now it’s time to get to know Chef Chris McDonald. Ch [...]

School Girls Back in The Day – ...

School Girls Back in The Day – #TBT Throwback Thursday
A little throw back to the days when glasses were huge, hair had wings, and girl’s stuck school photos of their friends in photo albums. Circa 1980.  

We Are Toronto & HoHoTO

We Are Toronto & HoHoTO
While our city and it’s mayor are in the midst of a horrendous PR nightmare, there are two bright spots that crossed my desk this week.  And they shine just a little brighter given crap that’s being flung around about Toronto. We Are Toronto We Are Toronto launched this week, I assume in direct response to the impressions the act [...]

Judging Taste Canada Cooks The Books

Judging Taste Canada Cooks The Books
An afternoon at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, and judging Taste Canada Cooks The Books cooking competition? Well, that’s a perfect day! Taste Canada Cooks the Books is a two-day cooking competition at the Royal  Agricultural Winter Fair on November 2 & 3, 2013.  Leading up to Taste Canada — The Food Writing Awards,  Taste Can [...]

Then Travel Bunny Made The Rounds at ...

Then Travel Bunny Made The Rounds at Taste Canada
Last night was the Taste Canada Gala. Celebrating Canada’s top cookbook authors. it was a who’s who of Canadian food. Needless to say Travel Bunny popped out and took it upon himself to make some friends. In addition to old friends like Sarah B Hood and Alison Fryer, Travel Bunny cuddled up to: Mairlynn Smith, Taste Canada/CBC People’ [...]

Too Old To Care

Too Old To Care
I am blessed in my life to have so many friends. One of my oldest and dearest friends moved back to Toronto recently and we finally found time in our stupidly-busy schedules to spend some time together. (and I of course pointed my camera at him). Our lives have gone slightly different directions since we lived together in university. I worr [...]

Today I Got Called A Cougar

Today I Got Called A Cougar
Cougar: I’m not sure if it’s a bad thing, a good thing or a neutral thing. But I can tell you I was surprised when I realized I got called one while walking with Gerry in the park.  Gerry is only 3 years younger than me (which he insisted I point out.) Here’s what happened. We were walking through Allan Gardens and a woman sitting in t [...]

Introducing Lex & Bill’s E...

Screw Cronut Burgers, we just invented Lex & Bill’s Epic Cornbread Burger. That’s bacon, cheddar and smoke roasted corn cornbread… Gluten-free to boot. Complete with old cheddar and homemade spicy apple chutney. Burp and yum!


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