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Happy 10th Blogiversary! – A De...

Happy 10th Blogiversary! – A Decade of Blogging
10years ago today I decided to start blogging. 10 years! Where has the time gone?  Oh, right 1679 posts and 3045 comments, supported by 16,890 flickr photos and countless social media spaces… and of course so many friends and readers! So I am setting myself a challenge, because a Decade of Blogging seems to be a topic that deserves som [...]

Readers Speak Back – Pat Anders...

Readers Speak Back – Pat Anderson – Live Below The Line
As it turns out, I have a couple of more things to say on the subject of the Live Below The Line experiment.  First, I want to share this great Readers Speak Back piece that has been sitting waiting for me to get it live. Sorry for the delay! Pat Anderson, aka @digiteyes, has been a regular commenter on the Live Below The Line series and give [...]

Wrapping Up–Live Below The Line

Wrapping Up–Live Below The Line
“How does it feel when you got no food?”  Pass the Dutchie  by Musical Youth is playing in the background as I start this post and it seems very appropriate. So, how does it feel when you have no food?  What can I say about the Live Below The Line challenge? I don’t want to talk about the food I ate or the dishes I created. [...]

Day 5 Last Day – Live Below The...

Day 5 Last Day – Live Below The Line
I wasn’t hungry when I woke up. I don’t remember my dreams. But within minutes of starting our day it was obvious we were hangry. Don’t know it? It’s that state when lack of food makes you unreasonably angry and frustrated with almost everything. We had it bad! And perhaps we let it show a bit more today because it was [...]

Day 4 – Best Food Day – L...

Day 4 – Best Food Day – Live Below The Line
Spent the night dreaming of rescuing food. Smells of souring pork and the feel of slightly sticky meat filled my senses and it was just gross! I think it’s because I had roasted the turkey bones before I went to bed. I had stored them in the freezer along with the pork I’m saving for Friday. My mind wandered and I was thinking abo [...]

Day 3 Total Mess – Live Below t...

Day 3 Total Mess – Live Below the Line
I didn’t wake up hungry on Day 3.  I’m not sure I woke up at all on Day 3. It was a slow and very weird day. Food was strange today and I had a couple of missteps. Because of other commitments Gerry only ate breakfast with me today.  To address this we planned to set aside 1/2 of everything I prepared or removed the equivalent ing [...]

Readers Speak Back – Anna Foat – Live...

Readers Speak Back – Anna Foat – Live Below The Line
In response to my Live Below The Line posts I got a series of email from Anna Foat about her own experiences which range from range from working on charity boards to choosing cigs and coffee over food. The point Anna really drives through is the serious disconnect between the Haves and the Have Nots. With permission, I’m sharing her com [...]

Day 2 Salmon Belly Day – Live B...

Day 2 Salmon Belly Day – Live Below The Line
Day 2 was spent hungry.  I got a lot done and even was out on my bike, clothes shopping and whipped up a wonderful dinner.  But I was hungry the entire time! That’s what comes from shorting yourself, cheating yourself and eating well under your budget. Today’s food costs were more reasonable. Food costs for day 2 = $2.82 or $1.41 [...]

Readers Speak Back – Len Senate...

Readers Speak Back – Len Senater – Live Below The Line
I’ve been honoured by the stories, comments and challenges my friends and readers have been sharing with me about what I’m doing with Live Below The Line. One specific comment from Len Senater from The Dep really resonated with me: I worry about having talented, knowledgeable, confident cooks tackling the #livebelow challenge. Their skill an [...]

Day 1 Failures, Successes & Menu ...

Day 1 Failures, Successes & Menu –Live Below The Line
I’m hungry. I woke up hungry. I dreamt about being hungry.  It’s not as if I didn’t eat well. I just didn’t eat much.   Food costs for day 1 = $1.78 or 89¢ per person. Leaving us with $14 for the next 4 days.  In the real world this would mean we had $15.72 left but for this challenge we’ve committed to only eating $1.7 [...]

Choices–Live Below The Line

Choices–Live Below The Line
When you are doing a poverty or hunger challenge like Live Below The Line and shopping for 5 days food with only $8.75 per person you don’t think you have a lot of choices. But you do.  Especially here in downtown Toronto where it’s a short walk to 7 or more grocery stores, 2 major markets, 2 Chinatowns and countless corner stores. You can ch [...]

Working Within The Rules – Live...

Working Within The Rules – Live Below The Line
Preparing for the Live Below The Line challenge has been our main focus around here this weekend. What we’ll eat, what we won’t. What to buy, what we won’t. How to maximize our food budget of $1.75 per day. Gerry has mentioned repeatedly how this would be “much easier in August when there is plenty of food to forage around Toronto.”   As soon [...]

My History With Hunger – Live B...

My History With Hunger – Live Below The Line
I have been lucky in my life and have rarely experienced real hunger, the kind of unending chronic hunger that 1 out of 7 people in the world wake up to every day. The only time I really had to face hunger was during 2 school-terms at university, but even then I knew that in a couple of months I’d be back on a work-term and everything would b [...]

Put My Money Where My Mouth Is–...

Put My Money Where My Mouth Is–Live Below The Line
From April 29th to May 3th, I am taking the challenge to survive on a $1.75 per day food budget.  Sound extreme?  It is! Everyday 1.4 billion people worldwide live in extreme poverty, surviving off of $1.75 per day for all their needs.  Live Below The Line is challenging Canadians to learn about extreme poverty by experiencing it themselves a [...]

Setting up @ThorpeToys for today̵...

Setting up @ThorpeToys for today’s #MavrikMrkt @mavrikwinebar
Setting up @ThorpeToys for today’s #MavrikMrkt @mavrikwinebar

Have I Mentioned SPAIN!?!

Have I Mentioned SPAIN!?!
So, I’ll tell this in the short version and the long version.  And just this one time, I’ll tell a super-short version first. I am going to Spain on Saturday! [end of super-short version] I have been invited as a Canadian Delegate to the 10th Annual Cooking with Olive Oil Conference (el Encuentro Internacional de Cocina con Aceite de Oliva V [...]


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