A series of daily posts for National Blog Posting Month.

It’s A Banner Day

In celebration of successfully completing NaBloPoMo, and perhaps because I had a little free time from not posting yesterday, I decided need a little freshening up. Inspired by Junkii’s redesign of the CEOT banner (which will be up soon!), I introduce to you,‘s new banner: ,

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#18 Spill Everything aka yet another Xmas post

My friend stampgeek who has just recently started blogging posed the question: Thinking of the Season? Then waited for my comment.  And waited. And waited.  Then he emailed asking “what gives”. It’s my own fault, I had set him up by commenting almost immediately on all his previous posts. After leaving a comment that was…

One of A Kind

 Quick post to fulfill my NaBloPoMo obligation (sometimes it’s hard to “have” to post rather than wanting to post.) We zipped down to One of a Kind at the CNE today to visit the in-laws and check out this year’s batch of Xmas Crafts. Many of our favourites were there: Thorpe Toys – I40 Colero…

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