A series of daily posts for National Blog Posting Month.

It’s A Banner Day

In celebration of successfully completing NaBloPoMo, and perhaps because I had a little free time from not posting yesterday, I decided need a little freshening up. Inspired by Junkii’s redesign of the CEOT banner (which will be up soon!), I introduce to you,‘s new banner: ,

#98 Gripe

Not sure which I need more "…vent your pet peeves online and you may find that your annoyance gives your post a little punch." I get headaches.  All the time. Really bad headaches.  Incapacitating headaches.I have one now. The brightness of the screen hurts. The noise of the computer fan hurts. This sucks. Advil, advil,…

One of A Kind

 Quick post to fulfill my NaBloPoMo obligation (sometimes it’s hard to “have” to post rather than wanting to post.) We zipped down to One of a Kind at the CNE today to visit the in-laws and check out this year’s batch of Xmas Crafts. Many of our favourites were there: Thorpe Toys – I40 Colero…

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