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All the posts here have been sponsored in some way. The product or company might be one of my clients, they may have invited me on a media trip or FAM tour, or they may have sent me product to try.

All the options below are mine (unless stated otherwise and those will likely be from the peanut gallery.)


House Bulgogi Recipe

As part of the work I’m doing with Ontario Corn-Fed Beef, I’ve been working on recipes to share with you that use the most common cuts of beef available. Then I realised: I still haven’t shared my bulgogi recipe. For years I’ve been teasing and taunting you with our House Bulgogi recipe, implying subtly and…


First Impressions of the Moto Z Play & MotoMods

Recently Motorola sent me a Moto Z Play and a couple of MotoMods to review. As you may know, my last 3 phones have been Motorolas – the Moto X and the Nexus 6.  I’ve been very happy with them, and the Nexus 6 might be my favourite phone, until I dropped it and the screen…


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