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Leg 5 – Storms, Puppy, Snow, Fi...

Leg 5 – Storms, Puppy, Snow, Fires – #LexGoFurther – A Ford Escape
Prepare yourself.  I have left you waiting for the continued adventures of Lex Go Further – A Ford Escape for far too long.  It is now time for photos of the puppy interspersed with snow, food and a couple of tweets.  But mainly industrial-grade puppy cuteness. When last we spoke, I had just gotten onto a skidoo for the first time in m [...]

Fixing The Old Lady Hair

Fixing The Old Lady Hair
In February I got my hair cut, and cut, and cut again. I always tell any stylist I go to to do what they think would look best.  They are, after all, the professionals and should be studying up on what would be current and look good on me. The challenge is that my haircuts lately have been pricy, very pricy. Sure they look great, but I was ge [...]

Leg 4 – Hampstead to the Island...

Leg 4 – Hampstead to the Island – #LexGoFurther – A Ford Escape
This leg of the trip was more leisurely than I expected. I had arrived at Dani’s after her girls had gone to bed, so I expected to wake up at the crack of dawn to the sound of a household of young teens getting ready for the early bus to school. I expected to get a little tiny amount of bustling time with them before they got on the bus [...]

Leg 3 – Saint Jean Port Joli to...

Leg 3 – Saint Jean Port Joli to Hampstead – #LexGoFurther – A Ford Adventure
Now it’s time to hit the road for real, since Saint Jean Port Joli where I stopped for an already late lunch is only about an hour outside of Quebec City and I have to make it to my friend Dani’s in Hampstead tonight.  I’ve already emailed ahead saying not to hold dinner and bought some treats since I know I’ll be gett [...]

A Study in Full and Empty – #Le...

A Study in Full and Empty – #LexGoFurther – A Ford Escape
Finally, I’m was on the road and it was much later than I would have liked. I was finally feeling like I was on a road trip and excited about all my planned stops and I wanted to keep moving until I reached them. Unfortunately, I hadn’t filled up on gas in quite some time and I had also had a lot of coffee and water at breakfast.  [...]

Active Park Assist – #LexGoFurt...

Active Park Assist – #LexGoFurther – A Ford Escape
I admit it, Active Park Assist was the one feature of the Ford Escape that made me nervous. You give over control of the car to a computer which is using sensors to determine distance, angle and rotation.  Then letting it make all the decisions to delicately placing your vehicle between 2 other people’s vehicle. Now I’m not saying [...]

Fun With GPS in Quebec – #LexGo...

Fun With GPS in Quebec – #LexGoFurther – A Ford Escape
I loved having the GPS as my navigator on this trip. Not only was it another voice in the car, it suits my adventuring approach to travel.  I could set my destinations without reviewing the route in detail, leaving the route and sights along the way as a bit of a surprise without risking not getting where I was going. In fact, there was one [...]

An Evening in Vieux Quebec – #L...

An Evening in Vieux Quebec – #LexGoFurther – A Ford Adventure
Quebec City is beautiful and romantic in the winter, even if you are alone.  I love wandering through on a warm summer day. But for me, winter is the time to visit Quebec City. The Old City especially feels designed for snow, and takes on a special kind of intimacy and warmth when it gets cold. I always find myself drawn to the Old City and h [...]

What to See and Do in Quebec City ...

What to See and Do in Quebec City – #LexGoFurther – A Ford Escape
I got a lot of recommendations, many from my sponsor Tourisme Québec, about places to see and eat while driving from Toronto through Quebec and into New Brunswick on #LexGoFurther – A Ford Escape.  More than I could use in one trip, but I though it might be helpful for other people doing the same drive, and for me on future road trips e [...]

Leg 2 – Kingston to Quebec City...

Leg 2 – Kingston to Quebec City – #LexGoFurther – A Ford Escape
My plan as I headed out onto the road for the first big chunk of this road trip was to take it slow and steady. What was in passenger seat for the trip. I’d never driven this distance by myself before, I’d always had someone to spell me off, and I’d never driven this long alone ever. Plus, this was February.  You never know [...]

Leg 1 – Toronto to Kingston ...

Leg 1 – Toronto to Kingston – #LexGoFurther – A Ford Escape
The first step of Lex Go Further – a Ford Escape was picking up the Ford Escape. Rannie was there when I got it to give me a run down on the Sync & MyFord Touch,  Hands-free Lift Gate, and specifically the Active Park Assist Feature  which I can’t imagine anyone wanting to try their own for the first time!  (But more on that [...]

My travel companions for #LexGoFurthe...

My travel companions for #LexGoFurther–A Ford Escape
For the most part, I was alone while on this trip, but I did have some companionship during the trip. Gerry joined me for the warm-up leg from Toronto to Kingston, which meant once I got the car I had to wait for him to finish up his day before we could hit the road… waiting waiting waiting… I’d say I was patient, but I’d be lying. The For [...]

Solo Road Trip – #LexGoFurther ...

Solo Road Trip – #LexGoFurther – A Ford Escape
It’s hard to believe that at 48, after doing road trips all my life and traveling alone since I was 5, that I have never, ever been on a long-distance driving trip alone.  Never just gone where and when the road took me, stopping, exploring, turning left whenever the mood strikes. I’ve always had someone with me who’d say, quite reasonably, “ [...]

The Red Ford Mustang That Started It ...

The Red Ford Mustang That Started It All – #LexGoFurther – A Ford Escape
There were a lot of road trips and a lot of driving in my youth. I remember fondly the yellow Volkswagen Beetles, the blue Datsun, the burgundy Peugeot, but the car that stands out the most is the red Ford Mustang. My grandmother’s car.  My grandmother was a sporty, speed freak and she really wanted a red Ford mustang. So she got a red [...]

The End of the Adventure

The End of the Adventure
The End of the Adventure – more stories and photos to come.but thank you @FordCanada for the great ride! #LexGoFurther

Corned Beef Hash & Eggs

Corned Beef Hash & Eggs
One last breakfast as I return the Ford Escape and I found one of my faves Corned Beef Hash & Eggs #LexGoFurther #LoveCDNBeef


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