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I Blog A LOT!

I’m in the process of moving unsweetened.ca from Typepad to WordPress. Yes, I have caved. In fact, the next blog post you see from unsweetened.ca may just be on wordpress.  You shouldn’t notice much of a difference. But check out this boring photo. Notice the last import line? 1415.  Importing post Day 1 – On…

More miniBookExpo Titles Released

Getting the books up onto miniBookExpo for Bloggers is going slower than I hoped, but the work is worth it since books are already starting to get snapped up.  Claim it - Read it – Blog it.  Here are the titles that got added yesterday: Delible [Anne Stone] Eye of the Dream [Elizabeth Sinclair] Extreme Career Performance…

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Not Wanted In The Bio

Yes, I’ve just been through another round of bio-writing**. You’d think that once you’ve written one bio, you’ve written them all.  But it’s not true.  Especially for someone with a portfolio-style career like mine has become. You need one for your books. Another one for your food blogging . Yet another one for your photography. …

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Inspired To Procrastinate

Very recently roro tagged me to spill 5 reasons why I blog. In my attempt to respond to her tag, I’ve been delving my depths (what depths there are) and checking out other people’s response to this.  I have to say, I’ve been impressed with their honesty and insight into why they and others blog:…

The Apprentice Blog Fired?

Some of you may know that for five seasons of The Donald, and one season of Martha, I ran TheApprenticeBlog.com.  With a little nudging, a quiz asking Which Apprentice Are You?, and regular commentary about the business lessons and the candidates' performance, I built a healthy… nay… huge active reader base.   Then, before Donald could move…

QotD: Reach Out

Is there a friend who you owe a phonecall or email? What’s stopping you? Seriously? I don’t think is there a friend who I *don’t* owe a phonecall or email or coffee or lunch or dinner or… I suck at keeping in touch.  Why do you think I have a blog?!?!  


Hey guys, As I wrestle with what Vox will be for me, I am leaning more and more to providing a consolodated view of my blogging here, here and elsewhere. Like others, I would continue to do Vox-specific posts and the QotDs (when they aren’t too invasive), but the rest would primarily be an intro…

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Naming Conventions

I suck at coming up with nicknames but it’s important not to embarrass my friends unduely when telling tales online… er… I mean to respect the privacy of the people I’m hanging out with. That’s why when Creampuff told me about the brilliant Star Trek naming convention, I jumped all over it.  Here’s how it…

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