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Leg 5 – Storms, Puppy, Snow, Fires – #LexGoFurther – A Ford Escape

Prepare yourself.  I have left you waiting for the continued adventures of Lex Go Further – A Ford Escape for far too long.  It is now time for photos of the puppy interspersed with snow, food and a couple of tweets.  But mainly industrial-grade puppy cuteness. When last we spoke, I had just gotten onto…

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Live View Shooting

Okay, so it’s a photo of a camera manual… big whoop.And yet, it’s the NEW camera manual for my NEW CAMERA. Big thanks to Randy from Future Shop for facilitating this under-warrantee replacement when Canon would not. [more on this soon, along with more photos from my new, non-lemon, Canon T1!!!] [[ backstory here ]]…

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Ding Dong Purolator Man

It’s been a crazy week with Gerry leaving Monday for vacation, 2 conferences – SOHO and the CMA’s Not For Profit – getting all the Ottawa proofing rolling (thanks guys!) and a fantastic opportunity to be a sponsor for Jer’s Vision Gala in Ottawa thanks to Sai from the ACE Card. And then, finally, when…

Camera Hospital

Camera Hospital Finally I got my S2 into Canon to get that evil E18 error checked out. (Henry's would have sent it in for me but there is a $50 refundable up front fee) I held some vain hope that Canon would say "OH, an E18 error?  And you *didn't* drop your camera? We'll fix it for…

The Last Photo I’ll Take

The Last Photo I'll Take Not because I think it's brilliant and the pinnacle of my photographic career.Not because I've acknowledge my addiction and am on the road to recovery.Not because I'm refocusing my energy on personal growth, business development or even spiritual enlightenment. No, it's because of the dreaded E18 error which has left…

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