Then The Eat Street Cookbook Arrived

Gerry just came into the office with a big padded manila envelop (I was going to say package, but I

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Second Harvest’s Lunch Money Days

This month is Second Harvest’s Lunch Money Days. During Lunch Money Days Second Harvest asks Torontonians to join the city-wide

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Blissdom Ultimate Foodie Excursion – Wander Through Kensington w/ Lex

As part of the Blissdom Toronto 2012 Ultimate Foodie Excursion, I led a tour through Kensington Market Sunday Morning. We did the tour after a great breakfast at Caplansky’s & before heading down to Longo’s MLS for the the Cuisinart Soup Challenge. What an honour to be invited to do this.Thank you Emma, it was great fun!

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