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We will, we will Blog you!

From Rick Spence‘s Sweep! Sweep! to Rannies photomontage of the seating chart last night’s adventure in National Television has been pretty effectively blogged. Add in Ryan & Adam‘s backstage video and you’ll have the whole experience… sans the kickin’ brunch with Eden & Kate, but that was just for us. In case you didn’t know….


I heard Tori Allen on Metro Morning talking about the GOTCHA exhibit.  An installation which asks people wandering around during Nuit Blanche to photograph a stranger on the street who is an “ethnic” and send the photograph to be displayed in real time, as part of the installation. “Artists and audiences attending Nuit Blanche are…

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Lex on Street Meat

Yes it’s true, I’m going to be CBC 1 discussing Street Meat with Jian Ghomeshi on Sounds Like Canada Friday. I’m hoping the conversation will expand beyond just Street Meats since the hotdog cart is the strongest representative in Toronto’s Street Meats category. However there are plenty of other Street Treats to be had –…

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Metro Morning Woke Me Up

Not on the radio, but on my cell phone. Yup, they called at 7:30 this morning to schedule an interview for tomorrow morning (that’s Thursday June 15) around 6:40am. I’ll be interviewed by Andy Barrie on CBC Metro Morning about the sale of TheApprenticeBlog.com.  Just 4 hours before the auction closes. NOTE: time change –…

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Please Stay Tuned

Yes, it would make sense that I would post about the amazing launch we had. It would make sense that I would post about Friday’s interview with CBC, CityTV’s coverage on Wednesday’s news, and tonight’s news @ 6pm (with Jee Yun Lee). It would make sense that I post about the great people who helped…

Lex to Zed

So here I am sitting at my desk, thinking about why I’m not taking the afternoon to go photograbbing… and what do I find? 2 of my photos were on Zed Real’s Jan 24th episode… Flickr Moments 4.2 These photos were show in other episodes of Zed Real. Link: Zed Real – CBC Television. Click…

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