Chef Matt Basile’s Beef Cheek Bulgogi Ravioli

Chef Matt Basile’s Beef Cheek Bulgogi Ravioli Recipe with Canadian Beef. This recipe works well no matter which way you stuff your ravioli.

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Chef Matt Basile in Chefs #LoveCDNbeef

You know those times when you meet someone and there is an instant connection? As part of the Chefs #LoveCDNbeef series for Canadian Beef, we profile Chef Matt Basile. Matt is the creator of the Toronto-based food-experience company, Fidel Gastro’s, Queen West’s Lisa Marie and the new Travel & Escape tv-show Rebel Without A Kitchen.

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Introducing: Chefs #LoveCDNBeef on

I wanted to do something a little special as a Canadian Beef Ambassador. Something unique to, something that showcases

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