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Sneak Peek at the Globe and Mail̵...

Sneak Peek at the Globe and Mail’s Best New Restaurants in Toronto 2013
I’ve gotten a sneak peak at Chris Nuttall-Smith’s list of Best New Restaurants in Toronto for 2013 which will be published in the in the Globe and Mail tomorrow.  (And permission to share it with you.) Best New Restaurants In Toronto 2013 Bar Isabel - @BarIsabel797‎ & @grantvangameren - 797 College Street (at Shaw Street) Pa [...]

My Friend Matt Opens His Restaurant a...

My Friend Matt Opens His Restaurant and I’m missing it! It’s killing me!
We’ve talked about it for a long time and it’s finally happening. On July 11th Matt Kantor and Andrew Bridgman are opening Bero. I couldn’t be happier for them (and frankly for us.) Since we met Matt has been planning this, talking concepts and drawing sketches. He has made me salivate with his menu ideas and test dishes. He [...]

Happy Pi Day To Mathies, Bookies and ...

Happy Pi Day To Mathies, Bookies and Normals Alike.
It’s Pi Day again! This year with the release of Life of Pi the movie, you can now celebrate mathematically, culinary, literarily or cinematically.  Check out Life of Pi in it’s two forms, Pie in it’s many forms and contemplate the most popular of all irrational numbers. I didn’t plan right this year and so I can’t  indulge in a pie with ever [...]

Chef Matt Kantor’s Honey-Braise...

Chef Matt Kantor’s Honey-Braised Short Ribs with Parsnip and Dandelion
When I asked Matt to share a recipe as part of the Chefs #LoveCDNBeef series of monthly recipes from Ch efs featuring Canadian Beef, he offered to share his recipe for Honey Braised Short Ribs with parsnip and dandelion.   I could not have been more delighted. I love Matt’s braises and I’d been asking him for advice on impro [...]

Chef Matt Kantor in Chefs #LoveCDNBee...

Chef Matt Kantor in Chefs #LoveCDNBeef on
Our first Chef in the Chefs #LoveCDNBeef Series is Chef Matt Kantor. If you are a regular reader of, you already know that Chef Matt Kantor is my partner in the Secret Pickle Supper Club, my travel buddy to the Encuentro Internacional de la Cocina del Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra , and my dear friend.    I have enthused about h [...]

Introducing: Chefs #LoveCDNBeef on un...

Introducing: Chefs #LoveCDNBeef on
I wanted to do something a little special as a Canadian Beef Ambassador. Something unique to, something that showcases the interesting and tasty things being done with Canadian Beef by Chefs in Canada. So today I’m announcing the launch of Chefs #LoveCDNBeef on Each month I will introduce you to a new Chef and t [...]

Have I Mentioned SPAIN!?!

Have I Mentioned SPAIN!?!
So, I’ll tell this in the short version and the long version.  And just this one time, I’ll tell a super-short version first. I am going to Spain on Saturday! [end of super-short version] I have been invited as a Canadian Delegate to the 10th Annual Cooking with Olive Oil Conference (el Encuentro Internacional de Cocina con Aceite de Oliva V [...]

2 Years – a lifetime or an inst...

2 Years – a lifetime or an instant?
I’ve been going through some old photos today and found this one This is the wine I purchased for the dinner I won from Matt in November 2009.  If you read the stickies you’ll see what is for the dinner and what is for later, and what I was “supposed” to put back. But it’s the not volume of wine in this shot that gets me, it’s that it was ta [...]

Longo’s: Taste Ontario, Taste t...

Longo’s: Taste Ontario, Taste the World Round Up
Okay, one final post about the Taste Ontario Taste the World evening at Longo’s… this time a round up of the posts about our guests impressions of the evening, the store and the food. Taste Ontario at Longo’s from Sarah B. Hood on  toronto tasting notes… New Loblaws, Bulk Barn, and Matt Kantor at Longo’s  from David [...]

Longo’s: A night of Taste Ontar...

Longo’s: A night of Taste Ontario Taste the World
When I was invited by Longo’s to be a Taste Ontario Ambassador in August I started working on Taste Ontario, Taste the World.  I wanted to showcase Ontario ingredients from a World Cuisine perspective by hosting a cooking demo/dinner for some of Toronto’s foodies, bloggers, influencers and twitterati. A perfect fit for the range a [...]

Watching Matt in action at Longo̵...

Watching Matt in action at Longo’s in prep for tonight’s #TasteOntario Blogger Dinner
We have 20 bloggers, influencers and folks-about town coming in for a cooking demo with Matt cooking 5 International dishes all from Longo’s shelves and each dish featuring an Ontario product. So amazing! This is Taste Ontario, Taste the World  

Giveaway: Taste Ontario Taste the Wor...

Giveaway: Taste Ontario Taste the World at Longo’s Nov 30
As part of my Longo’s Taste Ontario Ambassador adventure, I just got approval to take over the Longo’s Loft on Nov 30th and host an evening with Chef Matt Kantor of and my partner in the Secret Pickle Supper Club cooking international dishes featuring Ontario products. This is a one-night-only demo dinner entitled:  Ta [...]

Meat & Beer!

Meat & Beer!
There’s really not much more to say, so watch this video of my photos from Matt’s Little Kitchen dinners closing night at Olliffe Butcher.

Some Of My Favourite Folks at the Del...

Some Of My Favourite Folks at the Delicious Food Show
If you haven’t heard there is a new Food Show in town – Delicious Food Show! As the title suggests some of my favourite food professionals are involved. (Not all, but some).  I know, favouritism… but the reason I like food festivals and events is that I get to see talented, interesting and friendly food folks making and serving tasty, interes [...]

Matt’s Cucumber Mint Granitee

Matt’s Cucumber Mint Granitee
Ontario cucumbers from Longo’s, mint straight from the garden and a recipe from the Secret Pickle.  It’s a perfect combination to impress the In-laws. I spent the weekend in Waterloo with my in-laws including my sister-in-law Christine who was home visiting from Alberta.  So when I was walking through the fresh produce aisle at Long [...]

Scallop – Romanesco Cauliflower...

Scallop – Romanesco Cauliflower – Hidden Rose Apple – Curry Oil
Just over a year ago I had an amazing 7 course dinner cooked at my home by Chef Matt Kantor. How was I to know when I entered a little contest on facebook that I was about to meet one of my new favourite people? Both the Romanesco Cauliflower and Hidden Rose Apple are unusual around here. This photo captures both the greenish colour of the R [...]


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