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Longo's Taste Ontario

Longo’s Meets CheapEats: A Day Of Longo’s Meals

As Longo’s Ambassador and Chief CheapEater, I figured it was my duty to try out their prepared foods, especially since their current marketing is promoting Take it – Make it – Learn it (ready-to-eat, ready-to-cook, and how to cook).  So I recruited my partner-in-CheapEats Gerry and we spent a day at Longo’s eating every meal…

Turkey Time

Yes, the feast of all feasts is coming and I'm already salivating.  Turkey – yum!  Cranberry sauce – extra yum!  Potatoes – yum!  Apple in any and all forms – yum yum yum! Our menu this year is going to include some long time favourites: Turkey w/ garlic molasses glaze Pepper Cornbread stuffing Cranberry sauce…

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Eventful 4way

Today was a surprising day.  I expected it to be fairly slow and easy since I was packing up… but it was event filled. First, The News EMC published an article on CheapEats Ottawa and our call for recommendations.  Tom Collins, yes that’s his name, wrote a great article and we’re already seeing recommendations flowing…

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