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Instagramming My Week

I have recently started using Instagram more.  After balking the trend and lamenting loudly, and frequently, about Instagram’s lack of collaborative, community-building and searching tools, I finally caved.   I blame the Food Bloggers of Canada conference. Well, that and Instagram’s slick and quick interface which makes it so easy to share a photo and…

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Testing Flickr’s New Share Changes

Testing Flickr’s New Share Changes — Originally uploaded by LexnGer Flickr has just introduced some new changes to their “blog this”/sharefeature.One of the major changes is the removal of the custom blogging templates toprovide one-click blogging. Because of this they have also removed supportfor the less used blogging platforms including Typepad which I’ve beenusing regularly…

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potential @ camaraderie

Finally, I’ve got the photos from the reception up on Flickr and ready to share. The folks at Camaraderie, Toronto’s newest co-working space, invited me to hang a collection on their walls. I have selected the brightest, most vibrant of my photos in a collection called Potential @ Camaraderie  to reflect the vibrant folks who…

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