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My Best Birthday Treat Ever

My Best Birthday Treat Ever
Happy birthday to me, look what I found!

It’s Cold, Go To Florida –...

It’s Cold, Go To Florida – #LexGoFurther #FloridaOrBust
And the border crossing wait begins… Luckily I have Gerry & Travel Bunny to keep me company

A Thanksgiving Throwback Thursday ...

A Thanksgiving Throwback Thursday – Thanksgiving Dinner on a Plane
In honour of our friends in the US, a little Thanksgiving #TBT – Thanksgiving Dinner on a Plane. This is from 2009 when we we traveling on Thanksgiving so our dear friends packed us a feast from their groaning board before we caught a cab to the airport. Tips For Thanksgiving Dinner on Plane get your food portioned into multiple conta [...]

We Sliced, We Diced, We Sharpened Our...

We Sliced, We Diced, We Sharpened Our Knife Skills with CUTCO
All sell aside, knife skills really do make the difference in the kitchen so it was great to see how quickly Sharpen Your Knife Skills with CUTCO sold out. In fact it sold out so quickly, we’re looking at options for future events, including one for vegetarians where we skip the butchery piece. (But more on that later.) Setup The eveni [...]

Today I Got Called A Cougar

Today I Got Called A Cougar
Cougar: I’m not sure if it’s a bad thing, a good thing or a neutral thing. But I can tell you I was surprised when I realized I got called one while walking with Gerry in the park.  Gerry is only 3 years younger than me (which he insisted I point out.) Here’s what happened. We were walking through Allan Gardens and a woman sitting in t [...]

Gerry & New Galleries

Run Gerry Run
So much going on here that I’m testing a new wordpress plugin that lets me use Flickr photos in an embedded gallery.  Ya, tech/blog stuff you probably don’t care about… but  I do. In the meantime, why not look at my handsome & charming -  muse, task master and PIC (that’s partner-in-CheapEats not partner-in-crime) [...]

Taken To The Cleaners – A Trave...

Taken To The Cleaners – A Travel Bunny Video
Sometimes it gets to be a bit much, this travelling with Travel Bunny.  He sneaks into my luggage and pops up in the most unusual places, often near food, on my pillow, horning in on my drink or cuddling with yet another random stranger.  After 25 years of this, it was time to take him to task. Or at least … well… watch and find out. And ju [...]

Day 5 Last Day – Live Below The...

Day 5 Last Day – Live Below The Line
I wasn’t hungry when I woke up. I don’t remember my dreams. But within minutes of starting our day it was obvious we were hangry. Don’t know it? It’s that state when lack of food makes you unreasonably angry and frustrated with almost everything. We had it bad! And perhaps we let it show a bit more today because it was [...]

Who is this Travel Bunny?

Who is this Travel Bunny?
With the recent spurt of travel posts around #LexGoFurther, I have been sharing a fair number of photos of Travel Bunny, or the Travel Bunny as he is known to some.  (I did warn the folks at Ford that Travel Bunny might appear in a lot of the photos.) As a result, I’ve been getting some questions from people who haven’t met Travel Bunny befo [...]

Leg 1 – Toronto to Kingston ...

Leg 1 – Toronto to Kingston – #LexGoFurther – A Ford Escape
The first step of Lex Go Further – a Ford Escape was picking up the Ford Escape. Rannie was there when I got it to give me a run down on the Sync & MyFord Touch,  Hands-free Lift Gate, and specifically the Active Park Assist Feature  which I can’t imagine anyone wanting to try their own for the first time!  (But more on that [...]

My travel companions for #LexGoFurthe...

My travel companions for #LexGoFurther–A Ford Escape
For the most part, I was alone while on this trip, but I did have some companionship during the trip. Gerry joined me for the warm-up leg from Toronto to Kingston, which meant once I got the car I had to wait for him to finish up his day before we could hit the road… waiting waiting waiting… I’d say I was patient, but I’d be lying. The For [...]

Solo Road Trip – #LexGoFurther ...

Solo Road Trip – #LexGoFurther – A Ford Escape
It’s hard to believe that at 48, after doing road trips all my life and traveling alone since I was 5, that I have never, ever been on a long-distance driving trip alone.  Never just gone where and when the road took me, stopping, exploring, turning left whenever the mood strikes. I’ve always had someone with me who’d say, quite reasonably, “ [...]

Chef Ilona Daniel’s Korean-Styl...

Chef Ilona Daniel’s Korean-Style Braised Beef Cheeks with Kim Chi Pancake
As I mentioned when I introduced you to Chef Ilona Daniel, I’ve been eagerly awaiting her dish since August. When it arrived I couldn’t wait to start cooking. The finished dish was fantastic.  A great introduction to the flavours of Korean cuisine and wonderful for those of us who know and love them. While we are very comfortable w [...]

Snowmagedon and the Ford Blue Party 2...

Snowmagedon and the Ford Blue Party 2013
On Friday in the midst of the biggest blizzard of the year, so far, we bundled up and headed out to attend the Ford Blue Party, affectionately hashtagged #FordBlueTO, a big party hosted by Ford Canada in preparation for the upcoming Canadian Auto Show. A great group of people braved the weather to make it out and while the place wasn’t packe [...]

My Xmas Saints & Angels

My Xmas Saints & Angels
Inspired by this shot taken 5 years ago, we have taken to getting our holiday dining companions to pose with their chargers. Some achieve very angelic visages, some a little more humours, but they have all been good sports. If you want to recreate this experience with your friends and family, remember a couple of tips: 1. always pose after t [...]

Gerry sniffing the herb

Gerry sniffing the herb
In preparation for the next Chef’s #LoveCDNBeef series, Gerry and I visited Kensington Market yesterday to pick up some of the ingredients we needed to test the recipe. When we stopped for lunch, Gerry couldn’t resist hauling out the herbs again-and-again to taking big heady sniffs.


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