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Florida Sick Selfie

Snowed in, in Florida (sort of)

It’s cold, snowy and nasty in Toronto. The Polar Vortex has taken hold and made lives miserable, and created the Canada everyone thinks we live in all year round. Or so I hear. I’m sitting in Florida on a couch surrounded by dogs, sniffling and whining about still being sick. One of the two of…

Do Not Wait!

I am fine, it was an ocular migraine! [edit – actually a Retinal Migraine.] That is a very important first sentence because yesterday I went to the Mount Sinai Emergency with one of the 5 signs of a stroke – vision problems. All of a sudden, while I was in a cab I could not…

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Easter Sunday

Oh how I’d love to be in the kitchen kneading the dough for Hot Cross Buns. Or re-making the tart shells for the lemon tarts I have planned for tonight’s dessert but got a little overcooked because I’m sick and got distracted. Instead I’ve been relegated to bed. Again. I’m kind of tired of this…

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