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CheapEats Ottawa Launch – tomorrow!!

As I’ve said before, after months and months and months (and months) of working on it, the books are here and we’re having a party! TOMORROW!! The CheapEats Ottawa Book Launch & You’re Invited! CheapEats Ottawa Book Launch Feb 13th, 7pm-9pm at East African Restaurant in Ottawa, sponsored by Beau’s All Natural Brewery. RSVP please!…

Book Meme redux

I decided to participate in Venus' Book Meme without being tagged.  I don't usually do memes, but I'm sick and bored, and had a book easily within grasp. Here are the meme instructions:  (you've likely seen this one before) Grab the closest book to you. Open to page 123 and find the fifth sentence on…

It’s A Banner Day

In celebration of successfully completing NaBloPoMo, and perhaps because I had a little free time from not posting yesterday, I decided unsweetened.ca need a little freshening up. Inspired by Junkii’s redesign of the CEOT banner (which will be up soon!), I introduce to you, unsweetened.ca‘s new banner: ,

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Nuit Blanche, Jour Noir

We went. We saw art. We took photos. We got rained on. We handed out buttons. We took the TPTPC. We discoed. We slipped in mud. We sipped espresso. We sat in door ways. We listened. We ate chocolate. We ran into cool people. We stayed up late, so now we’re napping.  Don’t bug us.

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All Nighter – Nuit Blanche

While I’m already being teased about my ability to stave off sleep, I’m planning on participating in Nuit Blanche with Rockr & Junkii (or is it just the Junkiis) tomorrow night.   I have already compiled a list of all-night-CheapEats to keep my strength up, and Ger has been working on a list of installations…

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