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Blissdom Ultimate Foodie Excursion &n...

Blissdom Ultimate Foodie Excursion – Wander Through Kensington w/ Lex
As part of the Blissdom Ultimate Foodie Excursion I led a tour through Kensington Market Sunday Morning. We did the tour after a great breakfast at Caplansky’s &before heading down to Longo’s MLS for the the Cuisinart Soup Challenge. What an honour to be invited to do this.Thank you Emma, it was great fun! You can see some [...]

Longo’s: Taste Ontario, Taste t...

Longo’s: Taste Ontario, Taste the World Round Up
Okay, one final post about the Taste Ontario Taste the World evening at Longo’s… this time a round up of the posts about our guests impressions of the evening, the store and the food. Taste Ontario at Longo’s from Sarah B. Hood on  toronto tasting notes… New Loblaws, Bulk Barn, and Matt Kantor at Longo’s  from David [...]

Longo’s: A night of Taste Ontar...

Longo’s: A night of Taste Ontario Taste the World
When I was invited by Longo’s to be a Taste Ontario Ambassador in August I started working on Taste Ontario, Taste the World.  I wanted to showcase Ontario ingredients from a World Cuisine perspective by hosting a cooking demo/dinner for some of Toronto’s foodies, bloggers, influencers and twitterati. A perfect fit for the range a [...]

Watching Matt in action at Longo̵...

Watching Matt in action at Longo’s in prep for tonight’s #TasteOntario Blogger Dinner
We have 20 bloggers, influencers and folks-about town coming in for a cooking demo with Matt cooking 5 International dishes all from Longo’s shelves and each dish featuring an Ontario product. So amazing! This is Taste Ontario, Taste the World  

Longos Thursdays Pizza

Longos Thursdays Pizza
Because life is never boring, Thursday night’s dinner deal lined up with a HoHoTO sponsorship team meeting.  Of course that means a great opportunity to feed a group! So, guess who brought the pizza? (Okay, it was Gerry because I was busy getting things lined up for our meeting.) Gerry picked up three 16” pepperoni pizzas at the Elizabeth Str [...]

Giveaway: Taste Ontario Taste the Wor...

Giveaway: Taste Ontario Taste the World at Longo’s Nov 30
As part of my Longo’s Taste Ontario Ambassador adventure, I just got approval to take over the Longo’s Loft on Nov 30th and host an evening with Chef Matt Kantor of and my partner in the Secret Pickle Supper Club cooking international dishes featuring Ontario products. This is a one-night-only demo dinner entitled:  Ta [...]

Longo’s Week of Daily Dinner De...

Longo’s Week of Daily Dinner Deals
Last week I told you about our Longo’s Meets CheapEats adventure, a day when we ate every single meal in Longo’s Maple Leaf Square store.  Well you didn’t think we’d leave out their $6.99 Daily Dinner Deals did you? Of course not! So we spent a week eating Longo’s Dinner Nights Done Right for dinner every day.  Some were fantastic, some were [...]

Giveaway: Longo’s Gift Card

Giveaway: Longo’s Gift Card
It’s past time for another Longo’s giveaway and this time rather than hand picking a big bag of perishable goodies I’ve decided to give you a Longo’s gift card for $20. This way you can spend it on the goodies you would like to put in the bag yourself!  Vegetables, coffee, meat, cheese, sauces, chocolate, or just stock up on garlic Here’s How [...]

Giveaway: Longo’s Taste Ontario...

Giveaway: Longo’s Taste Ontario Grab Bag
It’s time for me to give away another big bag of Longo’s goodies to one of you lucky readers! As many of you know, I spent most of yesterday at Longo’s Maple Leaf Square location.  I ate, I shopped, and I hung out in the Loft.  I also visited Corks Beer and Wine Bar, conveniently located in the Loft! Corks serves a great list of Ontario wine [...]

Giveaway: Bag of Longo’s Goodie...

Giveaway: Bag of Longo’s Goodies
As part of the Taste Ontario Ambassador Series I asked Longo’s to make it possible for me to share my tastes and experiences with you guys through a monthly giveaway of some of the Taste Ontario produce and Longo’s products. Of course I don’t have enough to give everyone (wouldn’t that be nice!), so I’ll be having a monthly contest and pickin [...]

Joel on Longos: Taste Ontario Ambassa...

Joel on Longos: Taste Ontario Ambassador Program
As I mentioned in my announcement about the Longo’s Taste Ontario Ambassador Program, it was a pleasant surprise to find out that my friend Joel Solish was participating as well. Joel has put up his announcement post here and addresses his reasons for being involved and a couple of points I missed:  Longos: Taste Ontario Ambassador Prog [...]

Foodie Adventure: Longo’s Taste...

Foodie Adventure: Longo’s Taste Ontario Ambassador!
I’ve been teasing some of you with a “new sponsored foodie adventure” and I’m excited to finally able to reveal what is up! I have been invited to be one of Longo’s Taste Ontario Ambassadors! Along with Joel Solish of I will be getting an insiders view of Longo’s, their Taste Ontario program, their stores and their long s [...]

Funky Cauliflower

Funky Cauliflower
Did a little photoshoot on the Romansco Cauliflower I got from Longo’s on Friday… played with the colour a little to see what was what and this what we got. Love the pointy little flowers. Not only beautiful but tasty! [Elaine just informed me that Benoit Mandlebrot, the founder of the field of fractal mathematics, died recently [...]


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