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Damn Memes.

Okay, so Kate tagged me with something essentially the same as something Jennie tagged me with a similar meme a while ago.  Two tags and I figure it’s time to get this out there.  So now 8 things you don’t know about me. Now I find this particular meme to be amusing simply because, as…

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5 Things About Me

I’ve been tagged by skysearcher to do the 5 Thing meme – so now I “have to” share 5 things you don’t know about me.  This is more than a little challenging since some of “you” have known me almost exactly 26 years.  Which is longer than some of “you” have been around.  Let’s give…

Meme: I’m a book!

Yes, I am just another one of the herd -  baaa baaa baa – so here is my answer: You're Watership Down! by Richard Adams Though many think of you as a bit young, even childish, you're actually incredibly deep and complex. You show people the need to rethink their assumptions, and confront them on…

Book Meme redux

I decided to participate in Venus' Book Meme without being tagged.  I don't usually do memes, but I'm sick and bored, and had a book easily within grasp. Here are the meme instructions:  (you've likely seen this one before) Grab the closest book to you. Open to page 123 and find the fifth sentence on…

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