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My Ottawa Includes Graham Powell

In an odd twist of cross-city pollination, I was sitting in an Ottawa coffee shop catching up on Photojunkie's "My Toronto Includes…" when into the coffee shop walks a man who looks vaguely familiar.  I look down and there  he is on my screen – Graham Powell. [photo by Rannie Turingan] I don't know Graham….

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Word on the Street Festival – Blogging Toronto Panel

This weekend I was a part of the Word on the Street Festival’s Blogging Toronto Panel along with Tim Shore of BlogTO, Rannie Turingan of Photojunkie.ca, Sarah Hood of Unknown Toronto and the panel moderator Matt Blankett of Spacing Magazine. It was an interesting and lively conversation about the evolution of blogging, blogging a city…

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Naming Conventions

I suck at coming up with nicknames but it’s important not to embarrass my friends unduely when telling tales online… er… I mean to respect the privacy of the people I’m hanging out with. That’s why when Creampuff told me about the brilliant Star Trek naming convention, I jumped all over it.  Here’s how it…

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Please Stay Tuned

Yes, it would make sense that I would post about the amazing launch we had. It would make sense that I would post about Friday’s interview with CBC, CityTV’s coverage on Wednesday’s news, and tonight’s news @ 6pm (with Jee Yun Lee). It would make sense that I post about the great people who helped…

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These 4 Things.

Wooo Hooo. My first official “tag”… I feel so honoured. Of course I had to nudge Istocia a bit to tag me. (and I don’t even know them.) Four Jobs I’ve had: Geological Survey Camp Cook Au Pair Senior Technical Manager Recruiter Four movies I could watch over and over: Mulan Big Night Office Space…

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