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Day 2 Salmon Belly Day – Live Below The Line

Day 2 was spent hungry.  I got a lot done and even was out on my bike, clothes shopping and whipped up a wonderful dinner.  But I was hungry the entire time! That’s what comes from shorting yourself, cheating yourself and eating well under your budget. Today’s food costs were more reasonable. Food costs for…


“Sickie Soup” or so says Chef Bangerter

I was in at Luma today talking to Jason Bangerter about our upcoming panel at the Food Bloggers of Canada Conference in April. It should be a lively discussion and with Alison Fryer of the Cookbook Store moderating you know we’ll be kept on our toes. Sadly I was pretty sniffly when I arrived at…


Blissdom Ultimate Foodie Excursion – Wander Through Kensington w/ Lex

As part of the Blissdom Toronto 2012 Ultimate Foodie Excursion, I led a tour through Kensington Market Sunday Morning. We did the tour after a great breakfast at Caplansky’s & before heading down to Longo’s MLS for the the Cuisinart Soup Challenge. What an honour to be invited to do this.Thank you Emma, it was great fun!


Cup-a-Soup, Real Cup, Real Soup

One of the benefits of working at Camaraderie is being able to zip down to Starfish for lunch.  It’s especially great on the days when I have to eat at my desk since I can get a great lunch without having to venture too far!  Today, I’m having Grace’s Chili Corn Crab Chowder.  4 things…


In The Kitchen: Faux Pho Bo

Sometimes Chinatown simply isn’t close enough.  Especially when there’s freezing rain out there and I’m hungry! So I had to make my own Pho and it ROCKED! Of course, even though it’s my recipe, I didn’t follow it to the letter.  I had caramelized onions & mushrooms left over from the day before, so my…


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