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Thanksgiving, Just Eat!

Right before Thanksgiving weekend, Just-Eat.ca reached out to invite me to test their new Android app. “Why not?” I thought. I like apps, especially food and restaurant apps. Besides, we were planning on working all Thanksgiving weekend. Why not have a little fun playing with someone’s food app as a bit of a break?  “Hey”,…

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Apple Bushel

One of the things I love about fall is the smell of apples! I grew up smelling them in the trees, then during high school there would be people selling apples by the bushel in the mal where I worked. When we traveled to Kingston regularly for Thanksgiving, Gerry would agree to stop to let…

A Little on the Side (s)

I have posed a little pre-Thanksgiving question over on F*book.  (They have this cool "My Questions" app that lets you ask your friends a question on the sidebar of your profile. I know, I know… but I'm a widget & social media junkie.) Thanksgiving Food I realized, as the responses started flooding in, that I have…

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