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Thanksgiving, Just Eat!

Right before Thanksgiving weekend, Just-Eat.ca reached out to invite me to test their new Android app. “Why not?” I thought. I like apps, especially food and restaurant apps. Besides, we were planning on working all Thanksgiving weekend. Why not have a little fun playing with someone’s food app as a bit of a break?  “Hey”,…

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Apple Bushel

One of the things I love about fall is the smell of apples! I grew up smelling them in the trees, then during high school there would be people selling apples by the bushel in the mal where I worked. When we traveled to Kingston regularly for Thanksgiving, Gerry would agree to stop to let…

A Little on the Side (s)

I have posed a little pre-Thanksgiving question over on F*book.  (They have this cool "My Questions" app that lets you ask your friends a question on the sidebar of your profile. I know, I know… but I'm a widget & social media junkie.) Thanksgiving Food I realized, as the responses started flooding in, that I have…

Turkey Time

Yes, the feast of all feasts is coming and I'm already salivating.  Turkey – yum!  Cranberry sauce – extra yum!  Potatoes – yum!  Apple in any and all forms – yum yum yum! Our menu this year is going to include some long time favourites: Turkey w/ garlic molasses glaze Pepper Cornbread stuffing Cranberry sauce…

Giving Thanks.

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to our US friends, readers, and lurkers. More than any Thanksgiving in the past, I am thankful today.  One year ago today, my father had a heart attack. He was stuck on an isolated island for 3 days before the weather allowed him to get to the hospital.  Less than…

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Well, it’s been a busy couple of weekends. We had a lovely thanksgiving weekend with mom here in TO. She drove up, so we took advantage of the car and did some site visits outside TTC range. Yesterday, Mom had an International Baccalaureate round table. So we got her 2 weekends in a row and…

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