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Happy 10th Blogiversary! – A De...

Happy 10th Blogiversary! – A Decade of Blogging
10years ago today I decided to start blogging. 10 years! Where has the time gone?  Oh, right 1679 posts and 3045 comments, supported by 16,890 flickr photos and countless social media spaces… and of course so many friends and readers! So I am setting myself a challenge, because a Decade of Blogging seems to be a topic that deserves som [...]

Oh, Oh, Travel Bunny Found the Mexica...

Oh, Oh, Travel Bunny Found the Mexican Pavillion
Got to lunch to find Travel Bunny double-fisting margaritas. What is to be done with this bunny?

We Made it! Florida!

We Made it! Florida!
FLORIDA! #LexGoFurther #FloridaOrBust #Florida #travelbunny

Driving driving driving – #LexG...

Driving driving driving – #LexGoFurther #FloridaOrBust
And dinner begins w/ SweetTea & biscuits. You can’t see the biscuits because @travelbunnyis25 scarfed them down before I could take the photo. #LexGoFurther #FloridaOrBust

It’s Cold, Go To Florida –...

It’s Cold, Go To Florida – #LexGoFurther #FloridaOrBust
And the border crossing wait begins… Luckily I have Gerry & Travel Bunny to keep me company

The last 9 hours of #56hrsofXmasCooki...

The last 9 hours of #56hrsofXmasCooking
My family is nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of roast beast dance through my head. It’s bunny in the tree, and me with my cup, planning it out, on what we will sup.

A Glimpse Into Today

A Glimpse Into Today
And @TravelBunnyis25 says “an apple a day means the Doctor will play!” #savetheday @bbcdoctorwho #thedayofthedoctor #TravelBunny #unsweetenedca

Coffee Surfing with Gabriele Galimber...

Coffee Surfing with Gabriele Galimberti and Illy Coffee
A couple of months ago the folks at Illy coffee contacted me and asked if I would go coffee surfing with Gabriele Galimberti and discuss moments of happiness when he was in Toronto.  I did a little research and quickly said “yes, yes, yes!” Gabriele Galimberti is a world-renowned travel and portrait photographer who Illy Coffee is sending ar [...]

Travel Bunny As Peter Rabbit

Travel Bunny As Peter Rabbit
We couldn’t resist this little nod to Beatrix Potter when we saw these cabbages in the field on our drive home from Farm Squared this weekend. Ironically, when I was a child I always associated strongly with Peter (the bad bunny) but it turns out that we are of Clan MacGregor (a ways back). Always made me a little pissed at my mean and sting [...]

My History With Hunger – Live B...

My History With Hunger – Live Below The Line
I have been lucky in my life and have rarely experienced real hunger, the kind of unending chronic hunger that 1 out of 7 people in the world wake up to every day. The only time I really had to face hunger was during 2 school-terms at university, but even then I knew that in a couple of months I’d be back on a work-term and everything would b [...]

Fun With GPS in Quebec – #LexGo...

Fun With GPS in Quebec – #LexGoFurther – A Ford Escape
I loved having the GPS as my navigator on this trip. Not only was it another voice in the car, it suits my adventuring approach to travel.  I could set my destinations without reviewing the route in detail, leaving the route and sights along the way as a bit of a surprise without risking not getting where I was going. In fact, there was one [...]

An Evening in Vieux Quebec – #L...

An Evening in Vieux Quebec – #LexGoFurther – A Ford Adventure
Quebec City is beautiful and romantic in the winter, even if you are alone.  I love wandering through on a warm summer day. But for me, winter is the time to visit Quebec City. The Old City especially feels designed for snow, and takes on a special kind of intimacy and warmth when it gets cold. I always find myself drawn to the Old City and h [...]

Leg 2 – Kingston to Quebec City...

Leg 2 – Kingston to Quebec City – #LexGoFurther – A Ford Escape
My plan as I headed out onto the road for the first big chunk of this road trip was to take it slow and steady. What was in passenger seat for the trip. I’d never driven this distance by myself before, I’d always had someone to spell me off, and I’d never driven this long alone ever. Plus, this was February.  You never know [...]

My travel companions for #LexGoFurthe...

My travel companions for #LexGoFurther–A Ford Escape
For the most part, I was alone while on this trip, but I did have some companionship during the trip. Gerry joined me for the warm-up leg from Toronto to Kingston, which meant once I got the car I had to wait for him to finish up his day before we could hit the road… waiting waiting waiting… I’d say I was patient, but I’d be lying. The For [...]

Today: 15000th photo to Flickr, and m...

Today: 15000th photo to Flickr, and my 9th blogiversary.
Today marks the 9th anniversary of my personal blog – (yes, this one!) The photo above is also the 15000 photo I have loaded to my personal account on Flickr. Yes 15000! If I ever wonder if I’m producing enough, this just answered it for me. Though I have a backlog of photos, posts and ideas just bursting to get ou [...]

Time to Go Snowshoeing #LexGoFurther ...

Time to Go Snowshoeing #LexGoFurther #NBWinter
The wind has stopped, the beans are on, and the bread is baked. Time to work up an appetite. The puppy, Travel Bunny and I are heading out for a bit of snowbound in this crispy crunchy squeaky snow.


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