Today Marks 5,000 Twitter Followers.

I was checking the new interface for twitter profiles today and found some Interesting round numbers. As of this screenshot

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HoHoTO – Our 5th Year

As many of you know, I am one of the founders of HoHoTO – “the party that twitter built”. It’s for geeks, phreaks, webheads, twitterfiends, techies, media, marketing, and PR types and all their friends. And everyone else! DJ’s, interactive media, and loads of holiday cheer, all for a great cause!
So far we’ve raised $225,000. What can we do in year 5? Help make the world suck a little less.

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Or a bit more “real time”

Direct from my twitter feed alexaclark (which becomes quite addictive): February 10, 2008 Packing up. Ottawa here I come! 08:24

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