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And We Are LIVE on WordPress!

Yes, I know this is not nearly as exciting for you as it is for me.  But this is my blog, so you have to suffer through my verbal happy dance to get to the goodies like recipes, contests and delightful photos.  Happy Dance, Happy Dance, Happy Dance! A couple of small favours to ask…

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I Blog A LOT!

I’m in the process of moving unsweetened.ca from Typepad to WordPress. Yes, I have caved. In fact, the next blog post you see from unsweetened.ca may just be on wordpress.  You shouldn’t notice much of a difference. But check out this boring photo. Notice the last import line? 1415.  Importing post Day 1 – On…

Vox Rox

Notes [Manually cross-posted from unsweetened.ca] A while ago while flailing about looking for a multi-contributor hosted blogging product I signed up to be notified of a new product the folks at SixApart were working on.  At that point I thought it would allow me to setup multiple individual blogs and provide the ability to have…

I’m Peeking At You

If you are paying close attention, you might have noticed me peeking at you, kilroy-esque, from your navbar when you are checking out the posts on unsweetened.ca. Or if you are a reader of the CheapEats Toronto blog:  www.cetoblog.com or CheapEats Ottawa blog: www.ceotblog.com – you might have seen one of these or appear in…

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These 4 Things.

Wooo Hooo. My first official “tag”… I feel so honoured. Of course I had to nudge Istocia a bit to tag me. (and I don’t even know them.) Four Jobs I’ve had: Geological Survey Camp Cook Au Pair Senior Technical Manager Recruiter Four movies I could watch over and over: Mulan Big Night Office Space…

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