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Check it out – Toronto!

I have changed my theme again.  Primarily because Vox just launched the Toronto cityscape!!!  Though I wish we had something cool like Paris’ gargoyle enlarged in the corner.  Maybe a peameal sandwich? A streetcar? A city-moose? The CETO logo? Humm.. what could we have in the corner?

Vox Hunt: Great Pumpkin

180px-GreatPumpkin Show us a great pumpkin. “A great pumpkin”?  There is only one Great Pumpkin and while I have waited and watched for him in the pumpkin patch on many an All Hallows’ Eve, I have yet to see him let alone photograph him. Will we be on the hunt for photos of Santa, Cupid…

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QotD: I Can’t Believe I Ate This – weirdest things I’ve ever eaten

Okay, without going into the rant both my parents subjected me to when I used the word “weird” for anything other than the preternatural, I will respond to the essence of the question: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?   Submitted by Megan. The weirdest things I’ve ever eaten are: By name:  Monkeygland Burger from…

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QotD or Credit Check?

Everyone loves the QotDs.  It’s like someone out there in Vox-land is interested in knowing every little detail about us: our favourite candy, our middle names, words we’ve made up, our nicknames and where we’ve lived.  It’s so easy to answer and the questions are so innocuous and seductive. We want to share. We want…

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