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Happy 10th Blogiversary! – A De...

Happy 10th Blogiversary! – A Decade of Blogging
10years ago today I decided to start blogging. 10 years! Where has the time gone?  Oh, right 1679 posts and 3045 comments, supported by 16,890 flickr photos and countless social media spaces… and of course so many friends and readers! So I am setting myself a challenge, because a Decade of Blogging seems to be a topic that deserves som [...]

CUTCO Super Shears

CUTCO Super Shears sponsored post As part of the work I’m doing with Cooking with CUTCO, they sent me a couple of their products to try out, and I was overjoyed when I saw the box contained CUTCO Super Shears. Almost everyone I’ve spoken to about working with CUTCO raves about these kitchen shears. I even got into a deep discussion a [...]

We Sliced, We Diced, We Sharpened Our...

We Sliced, We Diced, We Sharpened Our Knife Skills with CUTCO
All sell aside, knife skills really do make the difference in the kitchen so it was great to see how quickly Sharpen Your Knife Skills with CUTCO sold out. In fact it sold out so quickly, we’re looking at options for future events, including one for vegetarians where we skip the butchery piece. (But more on that later.) Setup The eveni [...]


I’m delighted to announce that I’m going to be doing some work with CUTCO. Recently while working with Canadian Beef I was given a set of CUTCO steak knives. I love knives and I’m quite particular about them.  In fact, part of my “how Gerry and I met” story includes knives, but that’s another story for another ti [...]

Instagram Daily Digest — a Bust

Instagram Daily Digest — a Bust
I’m sure those of you who follow daily have realized, the Instagram Daily Digest experiment was a bust. The instagram plugin I was attempting to use, WP Instagram Digest,  simply didn’t do what I was hoping it would do – show you 4-8 Instagram photos I’d taken and posted in the last 48 hours. It kind of sucks that I can’t do th [...]

Instagram Daily Digest

Travel Bunny at the Cabbagetown Festival
Since many of you aren’t on instagram, and I’ve started using it regularly for sharing what I’m up to, I thought I’d try out a new tool which automatically publishes a digest of the Instagram photos I’ve taken. I’m using a plugin called WP Instagram Digest and we’ll just see if it works. Long-term rea [...]

Gerry & New Galleries

Run Gerry Run
So much going on here that I’m testing a new wordpress plugin that lets me use Flickr photos in an embedded gallery.  Ya, tech/blog stuff you probably don’t care about… but  I do. In the meantime, why not look at my handsome & charming -  muse, task master and PIC (that’s partner-in-CheapEats not partner-in-crime) [...]

4 Weeks – 4 Smart Phones

When picking a new phone it would really help to try each of the ones you are considering in know the situations when you are actually going to be using them. When you need WIFI to reply to a client NOW.  Or when you are at an event and need a quick shot of the Chef and their dish (and maybe a selfie). Or when you are frantically trying to co [...]

Your Thoughts On My Next Cell Phone

Your Thoughts On My Next Cell Phone
None of my smart phones will upgrade to the latest OS so it’s time for a tech upgrade. And I’m looking for all the Fanboys and Fangirls out there to weigh in.  Tell me what you think, why you love (or hate) your phone. Why you hate (or love) the phones I’m considering, and what you think will suit.  You are smart, you tell m [...]

Instagramming My Week

Instagramming My Week
I have recently started using Instagram more.  After balking the trend and lamenting loudly, and frequently, about Instagram’s lack of collaborative, community-building and searching tools, I finally caved.   I blame the Food Bloggers of Canada conference. Well, that and Instagram’s slick and quick interface which makes it so easy [...]

First Impressions of the Olympus OM-D...

First Impressions of the Olympus OM-D.
It’s true. It has happened. Let the bells ring out and the doves fly. I bought a new camera! Huzza, hurrah, hooray, I finally made the decision to buy an Olympus OM-D from the guys at Aden Camera who were incredibly helpful and had the best deal in town. You have put up with long months of carping and moaning about the state of my Canon came [...]

Lunch on the Grill

Lunch on the Grill
Already using the Nordic Ware that was delivered as part of the Food Bloggers of Canada Conference swag. Gerry said as we plunked this onto the bbq “I wonder what the people without Nordic Ware are doing for lunch” We have plans afoot to develop some recipes for the Nordic Ware 365 Chicken Leg and Jalapeno Griller that will invol [...]

Food Bloggers Conference Swag from No...

Food Bloggers Conference Swag from Nordic Ware!
This just in from from @Nordicware #FBC2013 Swag! Seriously, everyone going to the first ever Food Bloggers of Canada Conference were sent these from Nordic Ware, along with a challenge to use them, blog about it and get entered for a random draw for an even bigger set. Wow! And yes, I’m attendin [...]

T-fal and the Hot Spot

T-fal and the Hot Spot
You’d think that I knew how to cook with all my posts on recipes and food. Small things like having a professional cook for a father, growing up working in restaurant kitchens and working as a camp cook at 15 would lead you to believe I know my way around cookware.  And yet the T-fal Sensorielle pan  had me completely confuddled. As pa [...]

Honoured to be the Feature Member Blo...

Honoured to be the Feature Member Blog for Food Bloggers of Canada.
How cool is this: the Food Bloggers of Canada have featured as their Featured Member Blog. My answers to the Q&A range from food-related to not so food-related and intensely personal, but that is the nature of, or as Gerry says unsweetened is  “pure, undiluted, unsweetened Alexa” The fact I had to use my old [...]

Today: 15000th photo to Flickr, and m...

Today: 15000th photo to Flickr, and my 9th blogiversary.
Today marks the 9th anniversary of my personal blog – (yes, this one!) The photo above is also the 15000 photo I have loaded to my personal account on Flickr. Yes 15000! If I ever wonder if I’m producing enough, this just answered it for me. Though I have a backlog of photos, posts and ideas just bursting to get ou [...]


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