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Instagram Daily Digest — a Bust

Instagram Daily Digest — a Bust
I’m sure those of you who follow daily have realized, the Instagram Daily Digest experiment was a bust. The instagram plugin I was attempting to use, WP Instagram Digest,  simply didn’t do what I was hoping it would do – show you 4-8 Instagram photos I’d taken and posted in the last 48 hours. It kind of sucks that I can’t do th [...]

Instagram Daily Digest

Travel Bunny at the Cabbagetown Festival
Since many of you aren’t on instagram, and I’ve started using it regularly for sharing what I’m up to, I thought I’d try out a new tool which automatically publishes a digest of the Instagram photos I’ve taken. I’m using a plugin called WP Instagram Digest and we’ll just see if it works. Long-term rea [...]

Gerry & New Galleries

Run Gerry Run
So much going on here that I’m testing a new wordpress plugin that lets me use Flickr photos in an embedded gallery.  Ya, tech/blog stuff you probably don’t care about… but  I do. In the meantime, why not look at my handsome & charming -  muse, task master and PIC (that’s partner-in-CheapEats not partner-in-crime) [...]

Honoured to be the Feature Member Blo...

Honoured to be the Feature Member Blog for Food Bloggers of Canada.
How cool is this: the Food Bloggers of Canada have featured as their Featured Member Blog. My answers to the Q&A range from food-related to not so food-related and intensely personal, but that is the nature of, or as Gerry says unsweetened is  “pure, undiluted, unsweetened Alexa” The fact I had to use my old [...]

Today: 15000th photo to Flickr, and m...

Today: 15000th photo to Flickr, and my 9th blogiversary.
Today marks the 9th anniversary of my personal blog – (yes, this one!) The photo above is also the 15000 photo I have loaded to my personal account on Flickr. Yes 15000! If I ever wonder if I’m producing enough, this just answered it for me. Though I have a backlog of photos, posts and ideas just bursting to get ou [...]

And We Are LIVE on WordPress!

And We Are LIVE on WordPress!
Yes, I know this is not nearly as exciting for you as it is for me.  But this is my blog, so you have to suffer through my verbal happy dance to get to the goodies like recipes, contests and delightful photos.  Happy Dance, Happy Dance, Happy Dance! A couple of small favours to ask of you my kind and generous readers: If you hav [...]’s Moving Day. Wo...’s Moving Day. WordPress Here We Come!
Yes, it’s true, we are moving to wordpress and we’re moving today! Hold your horses (not your breath), and cross your fingers that all the name server, DNS mapping and RSS configuration we did in 2006 will get changed smoothly and quickly! If you are subscribed by RSS, there may be some hiccups.  Maybe you can check the site directly l [...]

Wrangling WordPress–need help

Wrangling WordPress–need help
As many of you know I’m doing some WordPress work and I’m bumping heads with the same issue over and over again… so I’m turning to my very smart, very resourceful and very helpful wordpress friends who I’m happy to suck up to in order to get help with the bane of my existence – CATEGORIES! Here’s the thing: I want a predictable way to know w [...]

Top 5 Toronto Weekend Meals

Top 5 Toronto Weekend Meals
Kim Vallee of At Home With Kim Vallee and On The Web With Kim Vallee invited me to send her a list of my Top 5 places to eat in Toronto. It’s always hard to limit myself to only 5 (that’s why I publish CheapEats guides with 200-365 recommendations)… but I was able to control myself and send her 3 CheapEat options for brunch [...]

Chicken Farmers Profile Lex

Chicken Farmers Profile Lex
Box of Chickens — Originally uploaded by LexnGer The Chicken Farmer’s of Canada blog – Chicken Feeds profiled me recently in their new series of Food Blogger Profiles. This is the interview that I needed to find a euphamism for “pissed off” for, I ended up using “upset”. Not as accurate or as [...]

Copyright? What is This Thing Called ...

Copyright? What is This Thing Called Copyright?
So the copyright discussion seems to continue with this new chapter from my friend Al, (aka @brundle_fly) who tweeted a link to this email, which I am reproducing with his explicit permission. He showed a lot more restraint in his subtle “UMMM No.” intro to this than I would ever be able to muster. Correction this was found by Al, not an issu [...]

Top 5 Blogging Tips For Authors

Top 5 Blogging Tips For Authors

Free books for bloggers!

Free books for bloggers!
For the third year, I’m hosting Mini Book Expo for Bloggers ( sharing some of the experience of BookExpo Canada with readers who weren’t able to attend. Claim it – Read it – Blog it This year, with help from the 50 publishers who are participating, we are giving free books to readers with o [...]

Need a Little Design Help for MiniBoo...

Need a Little Design Help for MiniBookExpo 2008
It’s almost June and you know what that means:  Mini Book Expo 2008!! This year I’m hoping to get more of the publishers involved directly so we can go back to the "Free Book" model which got more books into more people’s hands. (Or at least it did when the publisher’s didn’t drop a request.  [...]

Where Have My Photos Been Lately

Where Have My Photos Been Lately
Yup, it’s time for another LexnGer Photo Round-Up post. We’ll skip their use on my own blog and on the CheapEats blogs – & – the places you’d expect to see them popping up. Here are a set of photos that are being used elsewhere. Places that are respecting the Creative Commons Attribu [...]

The Generous December Group Writing P...

The Generous December Group Writing Project
Kate, of Baby Lune, is running a blogging contest and the winners are your favourite charities. The best new blog post about your favourite charity, social cause or helpful organization will garner a donation to the charity you are talking about.  Just add a comment to Kate’s post with a link to your post and you are entered. “Tel [...]


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