Cool Tools

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Reminders of Days Past

I’m playing with a new tool called MemoLane which Tara introduced me to.  It consolidates all your social media activity into one cronological stream… a Timeline or Lifestream one might say (if you wanted to risk infringement on a what I’m sure are becoming trademarks as I speak). I’m finding it interesting but not really…

Tweets for Today

Sorry if this isn’t all that interesting, I’m testing out the ability to create a blog post automagically from twitter tweets. The goal is to find something that will let me publish some of the microblog posts to the CheapEats blogs. [] For things like – “It looks like a new Ali Baba is…

Monkey see. Monkey do.

Inspired by andrea’s recent post with the same title (different punctuation), and for my own amusement, I decided it was time to get this blog rated. “This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words: dead (3x) hell (1x)” If I’m getting PG from that, I’m wondering what some of my reading list…

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