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4 Weeks – 4 Smart Phones

When picking a new phone it would really help to try each of the ones you are considering in know the situations when you are actually going to be using them. When you need WIFI to reply to a client NOW.  Or when you are at an event and need a quick shot of the Chef and their dish (and maybe a selfie). Or when you are frantically trying to co [...]

Your Thoughts On My Next Cell Phone

Your Thoughts On My Next Cell Phone
None of my smart phones will upgrade to the latest OS so it’s time for a tech upgrade. And I’m looking for all the Fanboys and Fangirls out there to weigh in.  Tell me what you think, why you love (or hate) your phone. Why you hate (or love) the phones I’m considering, and what you think will suit.  You are smart, you tell m [...]

Plethora Press – Island Office

Plethora Press – Island Office
I have been saying for almost 25 years that technology will evolve to the point where I can easily, and cheaply, work from the island. My years at BNR and Nortel let me get a glimpse at telephony and high speed communications well before it was available to the public and it was obvious that things would be changing dramatically. Well, with [...]

A Little Palm Pre-view

A Little Palm Pre-view
Last week, I was invited to a preview of the new Palm Pre by Jenn Evans of Sequentia Environics. I tweeted about it, big surprise, and got deluged by questions and requests to talk about my experience. I didn’t realize until I started talking about it that so many of the other previews and demos were hands-off. We did get to play with the Pa [...]

Good Thing It’s Pretty cuz It S...

Good Thing It’s Pretty cuz It Sure Ain’t Smart
I was talking about tech toys with Gerry yesterday and we came to the realization that what we want from our tech is that it be exciting, shiny and new for the first couple of days then to quickly become invisible. So cleanly and effortlessly integrated into our life that we don’t even realize how heavily we rely on it. The conversation [...]

4 Ways My New Cell Kicks Ass!

4 Ways My New Cell Kicks Ass!
it was free.  Rannie hooked me up as part of a blogger’s buzz marketing promotion from Matchstick.  Free!  Now that kicks ass! it has a built in 1.2M camera.  I know, everyone has one now… but did your phone take a video of Tiny Tom’s donuts at the Ex?  Mine did. all my other tech toys that are all metalic grey, but my new [...]


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