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The Last #OccupyToronto Structure Goe...

The Last #OccupyToronto Structure Goes Down
The Last #OccupyToronto Structure Goes Down — Originally uploaded by LexnGer There were folks in the gazebo when I left last night (see earlier photo)and the same folks rolling up sleeping bags this morning. This is common inSt.James Park, though I suspect they are #OccupyToronto straglers becauseof the drums. (The regular park c [...]

Occupy Toronto–End of Days

Occupy Toronto–End of Days
So much going through my head as I hear, watch and experience the end of the #OccupyToronto village.  I did a walk through on my way into the office this morning around 8:30am after watching the livestream for an hour at home.  I watched as the occupiers cleaned up after themselves and many of them packed up and left. (more&hel [...]

Day 33: Post Non-Eviction #OccTO #Occ...

Day 33: Post Non-Eviction #OccTO #OccupyToronto
It's Day 33 of the Occupy Toronto protest in St. James Park. Yesterday the eviction notices went out, a stay was issued and a court date set for Friday to decide the fate of the Occupy Toronto village. (more…)

#OccupyToronto Day 20–This Shit...

#OccupyToronto Day 20–This Shit is Real
After being on the road for a week I was interested in seeing what had happened, and what was going on at the end of Occupy Toronto’s 3rd week in St. James Park. The first thing I saw didn’t delight me:   (more…)

Day 10 of #OccupyToronto

Day 10 of #OccupyToronto
10 days ago I watched hundreds of people parade into St. James Park as part of Occupy Toronto, I had no idea they were moving in.  I thought if they were going to occupy anything it would be close to  Bay Street. But then again, back then, I also thought Occupy Toronto and Occupy Bay Street were the same initiative.  Turns out [...]

My View of #OccupyToronto

My View of #OccupyToronto
A quick run down of the signs and images I’ve seen so far. (if you aren’t viewing this on you may not be able to see the slideshow below so click on over to my blog or to the flickr set.)

#OccupyBayStreet Takes Over Adelaide ...

#OccupyBayStreet Takes Over Adelaide and St. James Park
#OccupyBayStreet Takes Over Adelaide and St. James Park — Originally uploaded by LexnGer Ironically the OccupyBayStreet, OccupyToronto, movement has setup in front of my office. Wild combination of messages, goals and protesters all coming together tomarch, chant and fill up St. James Park with plans, I've read, to camp out &quo [...]


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