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Oh, Oh, Travel Bunny Found the Mexica...

Oh, Oh, Travel Bunny Found the Mexican Pavillion
Got to lunch to find Travel Bunny double-fisting margaritas. What is to be done with this bunny?

We Made it! Florida!

We Made it! Florida!
FLORIDA! #LexGoFurther #FloridaOrBust #Florida #travelbunny

Driving driving driving – #LexG...

Driving driving driving – #LexGoFurther #FloridaOrBust
And dinner begins w/ SweetTea & biscuits. You can’t see the biscuits because @travelbunnyis25 scarfed them down before I could take the photo. #LexGoFurther #FloridaOrBust

It’s Cold, Go To Florida –...

It’s Cold, Go To Florida – #LexGoFurther #FloridaOrBust
And the border crossing wait begins… Luckily I have Gerry & Travel Bunny to keep me company

The last 9 hours of #56hrsofXmasCooki...

The last 9 hours of #56hrsofXmasCooking
My family is nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of roast beast dance through my head. It’s bunny in the tree, and me with my cup, planning it out, on what we will sup.

Fresh Snow on the Road.

Fresh Snow on the Road.
One of the best things about traveling in Canada by train or bus immediately after a snow storm is that it’s so pretty. In fairness, it’s always pretty but the dusting of or piling of, fresh clean white snow makes everything look like it has been painstakingly crafted for a holiday special. But it’s not that commercial, it& [...]

A Glimpse Into Today – Dim Sum ...

A Glimpse Into Today – Dim Sum Kingston
“Don’t bother us, we’re having our tea”, says my mother as she and Travel Bunny enjoy a visit over lunch. Today we lunched at a new spot Dim Sum Kingston. Mom had the menu waiting by my chair to review when I arrived as one of the options for our dining adventures this visit. We were pleasantly surprised by the food, [...]

Travel Bunny at The Hoagie House in K...

Travel Bunny at The Hoagie House in Kingston
Travel Bunny says: if you go to Kingston you have to go to the Hoagie House for a Cheesesteak Hoagie. Not gluten-free, not dairy-free, not meat-free. But damn tasty!

A Glimpse Into Today

A Glimpse Into Today
And @TravelBunnyis25 says “an apple a day means the Doctor will play!” #savetheday @bbcdoctorwho #thedayofthedoctor #TravelBunny #unsweetenedca

Herbs galore! Harvesting Herbs At Far...

Herbs galore! Harvesting Herbs At Farm Squared.
Today Travel Bunny got into lots of harvesting fun. Herbs galore!

Then Travel Bunny Made The Rounds at ...

Then Travel Bunny Made The Rounds at Taste Canada
Last night was the Taste Canada Gala. Celebrating Canada’s top cookbook authors. it was a who’s who of Canadian food. Needless to say Travel Bunny popped out and took it upon himself to make some friends. In addition to old friends like Sarah B Hood and Alison Fryer, Travel Bunny cuddled up to: Mairlynn Smith, Taste Canada/CBC People’ [...]

Halloween Travel Bunny

Halloween Travel Bunny
Inspired by the folks at Idee and the Lovebots, Travel Bunny dressed up for Halloween this year. Can you guess what he dressed up as?

Taken To The Cleaners – A Trave...

Taken To The Cleaners – A Travel Bunny Video
Sometimes it gets to be a bit much, this travelling with Travel Bunny.  He sneaks into my luggage and pops up in the most unusual places, often near food, on my pillow, horning in on my drink or cuddling with yet another random stranger.  After 25 years of this, it was time to take him to task. Or at least … well… watch and find out. And ju [...]

Travel Bunny As Peter Rabbit

Travel Bunny As Peter Rabbit
We couldn’t resist this little nod to Beatrix Potter when we saw these cabbages in the field on our drive home from Farm Squared this weekend. Ironically, when I was a child I always associated strongly with Peter (the bad bunny) but it turns out that we are of Clan MacGregor (a ways back). Always made me a little pissed at my mean and sting [...]

Instagramming My Week

Instagramming My Week
I have recently started using Instagram more.  After balking the trend and lamenting loudly, and frequently, about Instagram’s lack of collaborative, community-building and searching tools, I finally caved.   I blame the Food Bloggers of Canada conference. Well, that and Instagram’s slick and quick interface which makes it so easy [...]

Week Filled With Conferences, Cookies...

Week Filled With Conferences, Cookies, Contests and Crowds (lovely crowds!)
Last week was a whirlwind, leaving my brain (and my SD cards) filled with images, ideas and inspiration. I have much to process, integrate and digest, so I’ve decided I’ll share a quick set of snapshots of what was going on over the last week in the Food and Hospitality scene around here.  (Yes I know this is sucky SEO-wise, should care. Don& [...]


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