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Travel Bunny Does Spain!

Travel Bunny Does Spain!
Travel Bunny has many fans and yet he is restricted from appearing on Far From Ordinary, so we felt it was only fitting to share Travel Bunny’s experience in Spain.  Complete with sound track and annotation. We hope you enjoy this video as much as Bunny enjoyed that cava!

Basque Alexa Enroute to Asador Etxeba...

Basque Alexa Enroute to Asador Etxebarri!
Basque Alexa Enroute to Asador Etxebarri! — Originally uploaded by LexnGer We visited the Ribera Market this morning and I picked myself up a hat. Hadsome help selecting size, and a hat brim in the eye as the shop keeperhelped get this smaller one on, and then a good share laugh. These berets are 30€ or more in shops close to the [...]

Soy La Prensa

Soy La Prensa
Sounds sexier than “I’m press” doesn’t it! I’ve spent the last 2 days at Forum Santiago squeezing every ounce of Spanish Carlos taught me out to engage with vendors and producers. And Matt has been charming the folks I can’t.It’s been an absolute joy! My people, albeit not my language. Lots of wine a [...]

Have I Mentioned SPAIN!?!

Have I Mentioned SPAIN!?!
So, I’ll tell this in the short version and the long version.  And just this one time, I’ll tell a super-short version first. I am going to Spain on Saturday! [end of super-short version] I have been invited as a Canadian Delegate to the 10th Annual Cooking with Olive Oil Conference (el Encuentro Internacional de Cocina con Aceite de Oliva V [...]


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