Day 12 – Must be a very fine town-o

Dad is feeling a little better today, seems to have saved up his energy for our lunch engagement at Ted & Sue’s on the Kingston Peninsula. They prepared wonderful salmon on a salad, which covered one of Peter’s New Brunswick must-tries – Atlantic Salmon. For dessert (yes! Dessert) we had homemade cheesecake with a warm NB Blueberry sauce and fresh strawberries. Lunch?!? Peter grabbed a nap by the fire while the rest of us nattered on and on and on and on.

Had a great visit. Quick run by the Super-Duper Store for Dad’s staples. Dropped Dad on the shore and headed into town. After all our lofty ideas about what we were going to do Thursday night… we checked email, had our respective showers, got takeout Chinese from Ming’s on Canterbury St., watched Survivor & The Apprentice and then we all went to bed.

Alexa Clark

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