Day 14 – Going Home Again

Today was Peter’s scheduled day to Moncton, but he’s really not up to it. So Di is kindly letting him rest and recover at her house in town. I headed back to the island. Met dad at the store around noon and crossed. With only 2 of us and no gear, I got to ride home on the dogsled. Which is always a blast! Well… as long as there is no water on the ice.

Dog Sled

There was bear chili on the fire when I got home. The bear meat was from the black bear that was troubling his camp up at George River this summer. Dad is feeling much better. I’m feeling a little sniffly, but that may be allergies since I crossed the river directly behind 5 hairy dogs. I caught up on my daybook reading, walked the maze again, and then we spent the rest of the day talking. (how odd. ;->)

Daybook quote: Maze indeed! It’s a lot of snow with a few sticks poking up.

Alexa Clark

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